Does the “York News-Times” look like a fake news website — playing off the history of the venerable “New York Times” — a newspaper that has been in publication since 1851? The York News-Times is actually a hundred-year-old newspaper publishing from York, Nebraska — a platte of 7,700 people in the Mid-South center of the state that has had a local newspaper since 1883.

As the 2016 presidential election winds down, we are now dealing with the ongoing revelation of fake news websites that claim to have helped elect Donald Trump by creating false stories for him and against Hillary Clinton.

Honestly, people are definitely dumber. They just keep passing stuff around. Nobody fact-checks anything anymore — I mean, that’s how Trump got elected. He just said whatever he wanted, and people believed everything, and when the things he said turned out not to be true, people didn’t care because they’d already accepted it. It’s real scary. I’ve never seen anything like it. My sites were picked up by Trump supporters all the time. I think Trump is in the White House because of me. His followers don’t fact-check anything — they’ll post everything, believe anything. His campaign manager posted my story about a protester getting paid $3,500 as fact. Like, I made that up. I posted a fake ad on Craigslist.

It doesn’t help that Trump himself, was, is — and always shall be — setting false news fires aflame with interstitial intention and intestinal purpose:

Facebook and Google propagated false news stories during the 2016 presidential election cycle — and when the American Gargoyle won — they’re backtracking and deleting false news sites and refusing to allow their advertising systems to run in those publications.

How do we willfully separate fake news from the real truth?

Over the years, we here at — David Boles, Blogs — have had to deal with fake news and purposeful deceit. We have always worked to provide truth and facts, and to call out lies and fiction whenever we see it.

That has all changed now because traditional media hearthstones — like The New York Times and the major television news stations — have had their authority degraded by disbelievers.

The disbelievers do not believe in journalism. They are not interested in facts. They are only wanting in knowing what they think they know, and that is dangerous for any democracy, because then lies become facts when nobody cares to check the truth.

History and provenance should matter — but none of it matters for the misbegotten, and the uninformed — who prefer to live in a fantasy world where Bigots and Megalomaniacs and Racists set the rules of governance, and living, for the rest of us; and if they tell us the sky is green and red is really blue, well, who are to argue? They have a mandate from non-factual believers and, believe them, that’s all that matters when it comes to placating, and manipulating, the non-madding masses.

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