Fake News, Makes News

Does the “York News-Times” look like a fake news website — playing off the history of the venerable “New York Times” — a newspaper that has been in publication since 1851? The York News-Times is actually a hundred-year-old newspaper publishing from York, Nebraska — a platte of 7,700 people in the Mid-South center of the state that has had a local newspaper since 1883.

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When Google Burps, We Swallow

Yesterday, I was checking out the “new and improved” Google Now feature on my iPhone, and when I pulled up the weather card, I was met with this remarkable temperature:  125 degrees in the light rain in Jersey City at 11:18 in the morning.



I quickly checked my other favorite weather site — forecast.io — on my iPad, and learned the actual temperature in Jersey City was a balmy, but humid, 75 degrees with scattered rain.  A 50 degree bogus increase in temperature is a really bad result from a company you pay to trust.

It was a little alarming to see how bluntly and boldly Google Now delivered the absolutely wrong — and dangerous! — temperature.  Sure, mistakes happen, but there was no subsequent notification, or even acknowledgement later, that the 125 degree temperature was a hiccough in the Google world — and that should concern us all.

When Google burps, we all involuntarily swallow.

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The Google Graveyard and where a Keep is Kept

If you haven’t visited The Google Graveyard yet — you need to go there and leave a flower or 40 — before your read this Google Keep review.  I admit I’m wary about investing even one second in Google Keep because of the company’s rotten history of starting neat products like Google Reader and Wave and then killing them while you’re in the middle of loving them.

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Where are the New Truth Tellers?

We live in a wild and crumbling world.  We used to subsist in a universe of extremes.  There were the bad people and the good people and the moral among us fought a couple of World Wars as an entire generation leapt from the continent to save the world from repression.

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Barron Hilton Disinherits Family

Barron Hilton — Paris’ grandfather — is giving away 97% of his hotel fortune to charity when he dies.

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Lovey's Secret

by Diane Buccheri

I had a little friend. You’ve probably had one too. Unfortunately, life was rough on my friend. First, he was alone in the wide, wide world when very, very young. My neighbor found him and brought him home to take care of him and raise him just because he was so beautiful with shiny white hair and big golden green eyes.

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