Advice for 2020 Democrats

Today, let’s offer some friendly advice to the Democrat nominee nation based on the results of the first debate, and inspired by things to watch for in the upcoming second debate. First, I was born in the middle of the country surrounded by waves of Republicans. I currently work on the East Coast and on the West Coast — and a lot of Democrats pay me a lot of money. I have experience flipping on both sides of this national dime, and the Democrat Party has a long way to go to defeat an anachronistic, charismatic, President who feasts on the gruel of the worst in humanity.

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Solve Illegal Immigration With a Poor Economy

We live in a world in which Michele Bachmann has no issues with taking money in government subsidies for a family farm and can still say with a straight face that unemployment benefits are something that the United States government simply cannot afford to pay.

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Sink, Anchor Babies, SINK!

We are — and always have been — a nation founded by immigrants and a people of immigrants.  We spin in a transient world.  Yet, there are some among us who believe majority occupation sets nation lines and international boundaries and that location, and not morality, should determine citizenship.

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Going Tines-Up: The Immigrants Among Us

I find it horrifically fascinating that we, The United States of America
— a nation born of immigrants — and yet, when the same immigrants
reach out to our shores and cross our borders searching for a better
life of well-being, we shun them as cravenly as the Original
Native American Founding Fathers
shunned us with guns and defense
lines.  Arizona should be ashamed of its Racist immigration policy that
only damages and harms and does nobody any good.

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The Loss of the Immigrant Mind

The USA is losing its immigrant mind!  The landed have traditionally helped build America into what it is today:  A great mosaic of thoughts, colors and dreams.  Today, because of punishing politics and a shrinking world, Harvard University reports immigrants are returning to their homeland instead of building a better life in the USA.  An entire generation of immigrants is giving up on their American Dream and I’m not sure if we can blame them for the departure.

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Is Campsfield House the UK Gitmo?

In an alarming, but necessary, report from Oxford, it appears the UK have their very own Gitmo-like forever detainee camp called “Campsfield House.”

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Virtual Stakeouts Along the Texas Border

Did you always want to pretend you were a real life law enforcement officer?  Now, you can login to the Texas Border Watch website and pretend you’re a real life Border Patrol agent by surveilling — via video cameras — all those nasty Mexicans trying to sneak their way in to the United States to drug up your daughters and work jobs no one else wants.

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