Advice for 2020 Democrats

Today, let’s offer some friendly advice to the Democrat nominee nation based on the results of the first debate, and inspired by things to watch for in the upcoming second debate. First, I was born in the middle of the country surrounded by waves of Republicans. I currently work on the East Coast and on the West Coast — and a lot of Democrats pay me a lot of money. I have experience flipping on both sides of this national dime, and the Democrat Party has a long way to go to defeat an anachronistic, charismatic, President who feasts on the gruel of the worst in humanity.

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How Values Change

It is fascinating to ponder history and discover how values change over time.  Gold was, is, and likely ever-shall-be a valuable monetary standard while other, less precious, metals like aluminum began life as an exquisite expense only to end up at the bottom of the recycling bin as empty beer cans:

Applications of aluminum were limited to jewelry and other such luxury items: bars of aluminum were exhibited alongside the French crown jewels, and Emperor Napoleon III was said to have reserved aluminum dining sets for his most honored guests. In 1884, aluminum was used to cap the Washington Monument – at the time, the 100-ounce capstone was the single largest piece of cast aluminum ever created. It was not until the year 1886, when the first high-volume, low-cost smelting process for aluminum was discovered, that the age of aluminum was born.

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What Does Rob Mariano's Survivor Win Say About Our Mental Health?

On Sunday, “Boston Rob” Mariano won a million dollars on — Survivor Redemption Island — and his win should be a cold shock to the rest of America as a morality cringe and pure evidence of a tasteless failure our societal values.

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Virtue Over Values

In our current, bloody, culture wars — values and morality are given passing play — but few people address the loss of virtue as a necessary component of a righteous humankind.

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Two Tails Wagging

Yesterday, I bumped into a friend of mine in the neighborhood named Joey.  As part of our infrequent discussions, Joey always reminds me he was born in the Dominican Republic and one day plans to return.  As we caught up on who and what we know, Joey mentioned a common friend of ours from long ago who just had a second daughter.

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Poland Teens Play Pregnancy Roulette

When I was a teenager in school, the kinds of games I played involved a pair of Italian brothers who were plumbers that enjoyed trekking out to alternate universes and rescuing kingdoms from the tyranny of large angry Lizard kings. I was dressed the entire time I played this game (on the Nintendo, naturally!) and so were my friends when they came over to play it. The important thing is that none of us got pregnant while playing the games we played and risked the early mental and emotional incarceration than an unplanned pregnancy requires of a life.

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Nebraska Passes On Abortion Pain

Yesterday, Nebraska passed two curious abortion laws. The first bans abortions after 20 weeks because fetuses “feel pain” and the other requires a woman have “mental health” screening before she can abort.  Both laws were construed to prevent Nebraska from becoming the next Kansas and to press forward the Right to Life Crusade back into the Supreme Court to overturn Rove v. Wade.

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