The time for change is upon us, and Pete Buttigieg is one of the brightest, most interesting, candidates for President of the United States I can remember in my lifetime. I fully support him for the run of his life, and I urge you, too, to consider him as your next President. I’ve only contributed money to two Presidential campaigns in my lifetime. The first was Barack Obama. The second is Pete Buttigieg.

Here are some of the reasons I am voting for Pete — as detailed in my latest Human Meme podcast:

We have a raft of Democrat candidates for President in 2020, and here is my quick review of some of the current candidates, and some of those who are always creeping around the edges of a new campaign.

Hillary Clinton: Her time is over; time to move on. She is the past, not the future.

Joe Biden: A touchy-feely candidate of yore doesn’t work today. Keep your hands, and you kisses, to yourself. It matters. You can’t excuse what’s already happened with Biden infringing on other people’s personal space. There’s too much visual evidence of comity violations. “Creepy Uncle Joe From the Attic” doesn’t play as well today as he may have 20 years ago. Biden is also owned by the big banks. He’s a full-on: Delaware Corporation! He helped change the bankruptcy laws to help the big banks, not the little guy. He’s not Jedermann. Joe Biden is Rich Uncle Pennybags!

Bernie Sanders: He missed his chance by not being aggressive enough when pinned in by Hillary Clinton. He isn’t a Democrat. His ideas are fine, but his message is now stale. He’s dangerous against winning, though. He controls a lot of minds. Can Bernie ever be made happy? Can Bernie ever be brought onto the team? He’s always lived as an outsider. His conditions are the recipe for defeat.

Cory Booker: I knew him when we taught at Rutgers-Newark at the same time, but Cory doesn’t have the touch of the common man. In many ways, he’s too smart to take on Trump, and he doesn’t have enough dumb guile to get down in the dirty pit for a fist fight.

Tulsi Gabbard: She a wild wick waiting for a fire. Great anarchist. Not Presidential.

Kirsten Gillibrand: She politically assassinated Al Franken; and for that, she shall never be forgiven. For her to think that we have forgotten how she orchestrated the downfall of Senator Franken is the height of immoral hubris. And then, the table turn on her, a rotting in her own barn.

Kamala Harris: She looks great on paper, but when you look at her California record as Attorney General, she is too much Law and Order punishment for the general Democrat election. Her extremities of prosecutorial faith doom her in the specific niche of personality politics. Too much axe. Not enough knife.

John Hickenlooper: There is something off-putting and curiously odd about this guy. I can’t place my finger on what exactly quantifies him as bothering me, but for that disturbed gut reason alone, I cannot support him. I sense he’s hiding something completely goofy — or entirely unsettling. Hard pass.

Amy Klobuchar: We don’t need a mediocre 1980s Republican running as a Democrat. She claims to be an independent thinker, but we can’t abide another middle-of-the-roader. There’s too much at stake for her to take us back to the unoriginal Dark Ages. Peace cannot be negotiated in the middle of a nuclear bombing.

Beto O’Rourke: I find Beto to be an emotional and intellectual phony. I love the name. I love the background — he’s the perfect candidate if that candidate were not actually him — he comes off as the earnest kid who’s heart is in the right place, but who has no idea how to get us there, and he’s in over his head. His preening wife doesn’t help with providing him solid answers and gravitas. We’re electing one President, not a “buy one, get one free” fast food combo.

Elizabeth Warren: She was real year ago, now she’s arriving gasping, and more ritualistic. Her earnestness often comes off as desperation. The whole Indian ancestry thing is brittle, and bothersome, and she didn’t shed the conflict, she embraced it — which doomed her to always defending a bloodline droplet that never mattered to anyone, except in the exception in the bully.

Pete Buttigieg is fresh, ready, authentic and memeingful.

Ask Pete a direct question, and he’ll give you a direct answer. Refreshing!

In Pete We Trust!

Go give him your money now!