The Hillary Clinton email scandal is not over. Not by a bit! In reality, it has yet to commence! Yes, the 2016 presidential election is shambolic! Trump is inviting Russia to “look for” Hillary’s deleted 30,000 emails, and Hillary is claiming her emails were personal, and not work related in her role as Secretary of State.

It’s all a giant mess of a morass, and it gives each of us concern to pause and think about what would happen if even two or three of the deleted 30,000 emails made their debut in a leaked October Surprise right before the election.

We cannot count on the fourth estate to do any sort of right reporting to suss out veracity. The media only want scandal in a story, and they have all already sown down their seed with the Devil.

Now, let’s take this concern to the next logical step in evil-doing.

What if the deleted emails — that may mysteriously appear — are unreal, and are faked, manipulated, and purposefully set to deceive, in content and concern?

The joke would not only be on us, but on the rest of the world, too, as everyone realizes in the same instant that Hillary Clinton is, and always has been, a part of some large, coordinated “vast, Left-Wing Conspiracy” to undermine the integrity of United States of America.

The beauty part of the leak is that — faked or real — Hillary cannot confirm or deny ownership of the missing 30,000 emails, because she has no memory of them, and because there is no official record of what they actually contained!

Hillary Clinton has left the definition of what happened to the ether of the internet, and that’s never a good place to misplace national security, or to reserve the right of integrity for your character.

The fakes emails, if they leak, will probably be in paper form, not electronic — so there will be no way to parse back the provenance of the email servers used — but the right sort of hacker could easily provide electronic copies with only bits of the text changed, leaving all the headers intact for IT wonk fact-checking.

The emails will be a sophisticated con-job of the sort we haven’t seen since Dan Rather fell for a faked memo about George W. Bush that undid his entire career in journalism and left him to the mercurial mercy of Mark Cuban on cable television.

No, this Hillary thing will be much worse by a magnitude of plenty — any foreign nation with an axe to grind against the Clintons, is patiently waiting out the calendar with expertly forged, and phrased, signed Hillary emails that will not only unravel her, but disintegrate any chance of a Democrat win in November.

There is no defense against this.

There is no way to fight back, ever.

Yes, Hillary did this herself by “wiping” her email server with “a cloth or something?”

Even if the faked emails are eventually proven to be tricksy — it will be too late — only the first 24-hour burst of revelation in the media will matter, and minds will be made up, and careers will come careening to an end, and Hillary will have no one to blame but her own bad judgment.

Hillary will certainly deny everything in the leaked emails, real or faked, because once one thing leaks, everything leaks — but is there anyone left to believe her when it comes to the incredulity of the story of her private email server?  She’s cooked if anyone with a half-crooked mind decides to try to swing a national election against her.

Or, maybe the nefarious will just wait until she’s elected President — and slowly kill her with forged leak after forged leak to virally bring the USA to its knees.

Now, maybe none of this will pass, and we’ll find a way out of this percolating scandal unscathed as a nation, but when you give evil an easy pathway for expression, don’t expect much resistance against exploitation.

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