I’m delighted to announce today that my new podcast — David Boles: Human Meme — is now widely available for subscription! The podcast is free, and there’s no advertising, and I’m never going to try to sell you something. You subscribe because you have to make the podcast come to you. The thought behind the method of the podcast is simple: You and me! There’s no production or music or whistles or things that bleep. It’s a quiet conversation. You may listen via iTunes right now!

I started the Human Meme as an opportunity to have a more intimate conversation with you. I may be the one doing the talking, but since I also know you’re the one doing the listening, a strong and interesting dynamic is created that has great, human, value. I never feel alone.

Human Meme grew inspiration out of my Mechanized Morality newsletter — and a podcast gives me a little more leeway to be more freewheeling with thoughts and associations than are possible in digital print; though when you’re recording a live podcast, and you make a mistake, you live with the indelible consequences. With an online text publication, if there’s an error, you can immediately fix it, and many will never be aware of your error.

As I was contemplating how Human Meme would look and feel, I wasn’t certain if I wanted to use HumanMeme.com or HumanMemeing.com as the title and main domain of the podcast. I owned both domains, but since I wanted to discuss “The Human Condition” I wanted the name of the podcast to as closely sound like “Human Being” as possible. I held a 24-hour Twitter poll that provided the convincing conclusion: 73% Human Meme and 27% Human Memeing.

Human Meme it was — and now is! — as the idea begins to propagate across the internet. It’s funny how submitting my podcast to various outlets so clearly reflects the early experience of submitting this blog to a multiplicity of online communities.

If you want to know more about the evolution of “Human Meme” as a podcast idea, please listen to the first episode!

It only took Apple and Google Play Music a day to add my podcast. That was a joy because I was prepared to wait over two weeks for inclusion in iTunes. I had three podcasts recorded and published online before I began the submission consideration process.

Blubrry is another excellent podcast directory and hosting service. Human Meme was instantly accepted for publication. I currently publish my podcast via Libsyn, and stream it to SoundCloud but Blubrry is an excellent other choice if you’re looking to get into the podcasting market.

TuneIn also offers podcast broadcast. It only took TuneIn two days to approve my program!

I received an email from PlayerFM this morning telling me my podcast was added to their service. I’m not sure how that happened since I didn’t submit the Human Meme myself. As far as I can tell, someone else added my podcast to that service and I was then notified as a courtesy. Nice!

I wish I had a way to embed my podcasts in the sidebar of this blog for easier listening, but I don’t think that feature is supported. There is a new “Get it On iTunes” button you can click to begin the subscription process — so that’s as seamless as it’s going to get for now.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the current Human Meme podcast, please get in touch, and if you have a topic you’d like to discuss, please let me know that as well.

Thank you for listening!

Be a Human Meme!


  1. I’ve wanted to hear your voice for nearly two decades and I have to tell you, you sound exactly how I thought you would and I am thrilled to listen to you speak. Thank you for making this podcast happen.

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