Toss Aways

There have always always been disposable people in a limited-use society, but it’s worse now. We, as a nation of lonesome people found alone in a decaying world, have become much more than merely disposable. We have become the toss aways. We have lost our value. We have forfeited the way forward. We find ourselves teetering on the precipice between the living, and the dismayed, and the balance of the affair solely belongs to us — the us of us.

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Out of Many, One: Pete Buttigieg for President!

The time for change is upon us, and Pete Buttigieg is one of the brightest, most interesting, candidates for President of the United States I can remember in my lifetime. I fully support him for the run of his life, and I urge you, too, to consider him as your next President. I’ve only contributed money to two Presidential campaigns in my lifetime. The first was Barack Obama. The second is Pete Buttigieg.

Here are some of the reasons I am voting for Pete — as detailed in my latest Human Meme podcast:

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Fort Hancock Six Months After Sandy

Today, as I casually pondered what I would do with my day off, I had a jolting moment that I’m sure many people in the tri-state area have experienced. I thought to myself that maybe I would head over to my beach, particularly its recreation areas– and then was struck with the memory that I couldn’t.

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Biocompatible Polymers and Prosthetic Nerves

We previously read about the Black Ops Biomask:

Now let’s take that biomask news to the next, logical level.  Specially trained soldiers get their brown eyes burned blue.  The biomask gives them a whole new face.  Fingerprints are replaced.  Previous DNA records are erased.

You now have a whole new identity mask for and old body that now becomes an anonymous killing machine.  An old body you trained and made into a killer becomes something new, but never innocuous, that you can send into the world, undercover in a civilian visage, to do your Black Ops work in the open without repercussion.  If the soldier gets identified, bring in the biomask to reconstruct a whole new face and recycle the old body again into the wilds.

Now we have breaking news that biocompatible polymers are a bridge — a “scaffold,” really — to attaching regenerating dead human nerves to inanimate prosthetics. The idea of this new bio-bridge is keen to help recreate the body part, but it makes me wonder why the military is always the standard bearer for new human healing inventions. Are they interested in fixing the wounded, or in just creating a super-able-bodied soldier from scratch?

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Sophocles and the Theatre of War Catharsis

Now that Bin Laden is dead, we can turn the rapt attention of one eye to our future and how we choose to cope with death, loss and drama in a theatre of war.  Young men and women are asked to wear the uniform of the United States of America and kill and punish people for pay under our flag.  How does that experience affect them?  How does knowingly killing strangers influence behavior, thoughts, a sense of self-security and humble future wishes?

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The V Warfighter Comes to the U.S Army

I enjoy watching the new “V” series reincarnated on the ABC television network. The earlier — 1983 version — of “V” on NBC was bloodier, but not quite as interesting. “V” — if you don’t know is a synonym for “Visitor” — which they really aren’t — because Vs are actually aliens waiting to take over planet earth.  Vs are more invader than visitor and figuring that out is part of the charm of the show.  We know this because a series of “motherships” hover over major cities in the world just waiting to reign down destruction in the inevitable takeover.  The bottom of the V-ships are like outdoor advertising.  The Vs can communicate directly with us via a giant TV screen that is their warship underbelly.

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Deconforming Bombs Melting into Invisibility

Are we nearing the Age of the Bionic Warrior God with the recent news of electrodes that melt in your brain, not in your mouth?  The notion that science is able to deconform objects from one state to another is both delightful and alarming.

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