Enough already!  Hillary:  Get.  Out!

With a big Obama win in North Carolina, we all know it is time for Hillary to take down her ribbons and her pretty balloons and go home with some dignity and some party pride and let Obama alone take it to McCain and his gang of the grotesque.

What’s the point for her in continuing a contest that cannot be won?

It is purely selfish for her to stay on to enhance her chances in 2012 instead of having some public grace — and some private self-worth — and pressing her sword into the ground instead of continuing to stab it into Barack’s back.

We do not want Hillary. 

We want her to move on without us.

We do not want her as Obama’s second. 

We want to cleave our future from the Clinton’s past — and, yes, Chelsea, getting questions on the campaign trail about your father’s sexual peccadilloes in the White House as our President is, indeed, fair game for your questioning as your mother’s surrogate because he put her, you, and our country, through an impeachment process that was unnecessary and wholly avoidable.  If you get on the stump, be prepared for your chopping!

Moving forward, Barack must not bow down to Hillary to get her to leave.  He must not give up his hope and his vision to satiate her threats to divide the party. 

We are finished with her, and we do not want or anyone associated with her tarnishing Obama’s campaign with the sins of a dingy, old-Democrat, past.

If you wonder why Obama has unspoken resonance and ethereal meaning beyond his generation and into the future — you only need to look at the young eyes in this image. 

Their rapturous attention reveals everything about the man and his memeing.


  1. I wonder what former Clinton staff member George Stephanapoulos thinks. It’s Over!.
    Perhaps former presidential candidate and early HRC supporter George McGovern has some advice for HRC. Ah yes. Drop out – I now support Obama.
    In the world of people who think HRC has a chance, what color is the sky?

  2. Terry McAuliff is banging the Hillary drum. He still thinks she can win. She won Indiana yesterday with the support of the Limbaugh dittoheads that voted for her in the open election. When Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough think Hillary is great and “unbeatable” you know they’re terrified of Obama.
    I saw Karl Rove on TV last night. He looked pale discussing the Hillary loss in NC. You can see he knows a whole new wave will wash over America with Obama at the head of the government. It must be scary for them to realize the hate game via politics is over.

  3. David!
    that picture is certainly worth a thousand words! it’s sad that Hillary doesn’t seem to have the grace to do the needful.

  4. It’s a big mess, Dananjay. Hillary wants to change the rules mid-stream to her favor by rewriting history and the rules and counting Florida and Michigan when they were never supposed to be in play.

  5. The woman just won’t go away!
    Unfortunately, she will play this out to the bitter end.
    I just wish we could get down to the two candidates.
    Because, I, for one, am not completely convinced that Obama is the man.
    So I’m looking to see some face to face between the two candidates . . .

  6. Here’s what I’m culling from today’s newspapers, Donna.
    1. Obama has to keep her happy to get her to go away fast or she will attack him relentlessly in WV. That means he can’t ask her to leave or be mean to her. He must be respectful and reverential.
    2. Obama will have to pay off her $11 million loan to herself — but he won’t pay any more than that especially if she attacks him on TV in WV. She has to agree not to play to get paid.
    3. Obama will have to let her handle national healthcare and take the credit.
    4. She will want to be guaranteed the Senate Leader spot.
    5. Finally, she wants veto power over his VP. She doesn’t want the VP slot, but she doesn’t want him picking another woman or Bill Richardson or a Clinton enemy. Wes Clark seems to be the most agreeable choice between her camp and Obama’s.
    All of this is being discussed and to get her to drop out fast, Obama will have to agree to all of this, and then take a pounding in WV so she can go out on a big win, “flip him off” on her way out, and then it’s over and she’ll campaign for him.

  7. Isn’t #2 illegal or at least unethical?
    #1 I understand that he would need to do that.
    Why does he have to agree to do any of these other things? She’s not his boss. She doesn’t own him.
    This is troubling to me David. Either that or I’m terribly naive.

  8. Interesting.
    The battle becoming more personal than presidential for Hillary – what a pity!

  9. Hi Donna —
    No, #2 is not illegal. They call it “retiring campaign debt” and while it would be on Obama to make it happen, there are a variety of ways for her to get her money back via the DNC or other democrats or whatever to keep her happy. It would be money well spent.
    I think the list is pretty common in politics, actually, and it’s all doable because the Democrats know they have a great chance to win in the fall and if party harmony costs promises and cash — make ’em and pay it — and get it done.

  10. Yes, Katha, it’s getting nasty. Yesterday Hillary told USA Today that she has the “white vote” while Obama only has the Blacks. It was incredibly Racist.

  11. Nicola —
    Obama needs to gently help her out the door. She still has a lot of power to blow up his campaign. Since she’ll be 68/69 when Obama is done with his presidency, this was likely her last, best, shot at the top job. Over the next 8 years Obama will fill the government and the White House with smart, young, people and she’ll be unable to compete for a second try with any sort of historic effectiveness.

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