The nature of the producer is to provide money for a creative project and manage the schedule for getting things done.  The best producers are invisible.  The producer’s essence is felt, but their being fades into the background to support the vision of others.

The mistake many producers make is believing they are the driving, creative, force in the process of making movies, television programs, radio dramas and staged productions.

The producer is not an artist and must never be afforded that power or rewarded with that relevance.

The producer is merely a manager of talent, money, and schedules.

For the producer to inject money into a discussion about vision, talent and the memes of creation, is the sign of an instant death of art as the entire creative realm devolves into mainstream mediocrity.

The true creative talents:  Author, player, designer and stager, must all work together to thwart the influence of money and vapidity at every station.

A producer is made in bottom lines and not trained in the necessary requirement to create something everlasting out of the eternal nothing.


  1. I had no idea producers try to take credit. That must be hard when they pay the bills.

  2. The great producers, anne, pay to hire the best people and then let them do their jobs. Producers that interfere with the creative process only waste their own money.

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