Out of Many, One: Pete Buttigieg for President!

The time for change is upon us, and Pete Buttigieg is one of the brightest, most interesting, candidates for President of the United States I can remember in my lifetime. I fully support him for the run of his life, and I urge you, too, to consider him as your next President. I’ve only contributed money to two Presidential campaigns in my lifetime. The first was Barack Obama. The second is Pete Buttigieg.

Here are some of the reasons I am voting for Pete — as detailed in my latest Human Meme podcast:

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Obama at One Hundred

When Air Force One isn’t strafing downtown Manhattan, the Obama administration has been a wild success in its first hundred days.  The days of the nasty, volatile, fundamentalist Republicans are dying as the GOP becomes a withering, insignificant, frothing, religiously ecstatic version of what it used to be when the party actually mattered. 

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Nationalize the Banks Right Now!

We need to nationalize all American banks RIGHT NOW!  We’re already down the rabbit hole and sinking fast and there’s no way out of the haze and mass hysteria created by the previous administration that Barack Obama must now set right now. 

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Why Bother Saving?

Friends are crumbling with ruined savings and lost pensions.  Strangers are in distress.  The world is bleeding money.  A good friend of mine, a hardworking, responsible widow in her late Sixties, told me yesterday that she’s ruined.  All her money retirement money was lost in the slow decline of the financial markets.  She spread out her risk, but she still got crushed.  She has some savings left, but she cannot afford to live the quiet, easy, life she wanted before she dies.

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Stop that Check!

$2,500.00 USD was taken out of the checking account of a New Jersey woman who placed a “stop payment” on a check to a company that did not complete a work order on her house.
The company submitted the check three times over three months for payment and three times the check was returned un-cashed to the company.

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