When Air Force One isn’t strafing downtown Manhattan, the Obama administration has been a wild success in its first hundred days.  The days of the nasty, volatile, fundamentalist Republicans are dying as the GOP becomes a withering, insignificant, frothing, religiously ecstatic version of what it used to be when the party actually mattered. 

The surest sign of the GOP sinking ship is when the lead rats leave in droves. 

The first defector is Arlen Specter as he renounced his conservative roots to join the Obama mandate.

With Obama as president, I sleep better at night and I awaken anew to sing again.

I no longer live in waking terror of an unrestrained presidency rolling into the world to prove a colonial dominance.

With Obama, I know the right decisions are being made for the country.  I know we will find out the truth about torture, the banking industry fraud and what really happened to dig us into Iraq. 

With Dubya, I doubted every move he made and everything he said and now both time and tide are proving that paranoid wariness to be presciently precise.

I used to read every political blog and watch every news show the past eight years to make sure I knew what pain my government was wrenching into the world and retching into our nation.

For the last hundred days I have been relaxed.  I know the world has the right man leading the most powerful nation in the world. 

I am comforted in knowing Obama is still rising and his detractors are even more diminished now than they were 99 days ago. 

Let’s continue to hope that trend continues and that the loyal opposition is truly loyal again to this fine nation.


  1. I too am quite pleased with the first one hundred days. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 100 will bring! 🙂

  2. While I haven’t come to the point of being completely at peace ( and able to sleep at night) with all that President Obama has said and done in the past 100 days …I am, however, still prayerful that he will be “man enough” for the demands of his position.
    There can be no GREAT COUNTRY … unless there is a GREAT LEADER! Someone must be daring enough to pave the way for a nation. Will Obama prove himself, undoubtedly, to be just that man? I dare to hope.

  3. He has an interesting challenge ahead of him, Kimberley. He’s already made history. He will always have that goodwill on his side. Now he needs to make the hard and unpopular decisions that are reflexively necessary as the right thing.

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