There. I said in the headline of this article what Donald Trump has been bumping up against all this week — “Hillary is unelectable because her husband’s penis ruined his presidency and our America” — and, in many respects, that argument is uncomfortably right on target, especially for those of us who are old enough, and wizened enough, to remember the Bad Old Days of the Clinton presidency that ended mired in vaginal cigar penetration and accusations of rape against a sitting president.

Even Hillary’s odd and off-putting campaign logo for 2016 can be semiotically read as an erect, red, penis — not just the tip penetrating a blue barrier — but plunging through it as well. From the moment I saw that awful campaign logo I knew she was in trouble. Either someone on Hillary’s staff is playing with her, or she really is as bad a personality-less campaigner as she claims.

Who the hell wants to relive Bill Clinton penis stories for the next six months? And yet that’s the legacy before us as Hillary reminds us of his angry, red, act every day with that penetrating cock logo!

Hillary’s problem is she stayed with a confessed cheater. Sure, she can claim she “stood by her man” to save her family even while she said she wasn’t that sort of cookie-baking mama — and so she looks devious and disingenuous for staying with Bill’s penis just because it politically helps her advance into the grace of her old age and the right she claims to carry out her destiny.

Hillary is tiresome and unwittingly unfriendly. The job of the presidency is to lead and inspire — and while she is well-trained and competent — few are willing to follow her with the fervor of a Bernie Sanders supporter and a dead fish doesn’t win hotly-contested, frying pan, elections.

So, Donald Trump will drown her and pound her with all the sins of her husband’s past — and she can’t really fight back much because pretty much everything Trump says is right and true and verifiable in that the roots of his accusations are a matter of the public record.

I’ve never understood why Bill is an asset to Hillary’s campaign — especially with the nasty things he’s said about the “bag-carrying” President Obama.

Ironically, there are some political experts who claim the secret to getting Hillary elected will be Barack Obama — not sexual predator husband Bill Clinton — as Obama rises to defend her and campaign for her in October.

If Hillary wants to do well and win in November, she needs to put Bill Clinton in a box and hide him forever. We don’t want another “two-for-one” presidency. We don’t want to see Bill Clinton roaming the White House hallways looking for some action. We don’t want to know Bill even exists in a Hillary presidency. Yes, we’ve been burned before by a Clinton presidency we hoped to believe in — but now, never again!

Unfortunately, Hillary has already publicly claimed Bill will have a major role in her administration and that plays directly into Donald Trump’s tiny, short-fingered Vulgarian, hands!

The American people are bored. They don’t want reruns. They want new. And fun. And something different. And that’s what steels me to the the inevitable idea of a “President Trump” come November.

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