We elected Barack Obama to forcefully lead us into a better, more esoteric life — where we could begin again to live The American Dream — that didn’t include foreign wars, or Homeland Security searches, or detainment camps or home foreclosures.

Instead of getting that president, we instead got weak Appeaser in Chief who kowtowed to his conservative oppressors and, who only recently, seemed to discover the Republicans hate him and “talk about him like a dog.”

I wanted to be stronger than it was before. And over the past two years, that’s meant taking on some powerful interests. Some powerful interests that have been setting the agenda in Washington for a long time, and they’re not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true.

Where has Obama been?  The Republican radicals have hated him from the moment he threw his hat into the presidential ring as a candidate.  He never beat back their rabid lies against him with any semblance of the virtuous truth.  Obama allows his enemies to define him and character assassinate him every single day — and yet he appears not to care one whit while the rest of us stand here bellowing for him to fight back and to bend the truth straight again.

Obama leads with “Wanna” and not tight-fisted punches to the faces of the opposition.  He’s weak.  He’s milquetoast.  He’s hot chocolate when you ordered a double shot of espresso.  He’s a disappointment.

The 2010 midterm elections should have shaken him to his bones to muscle up some human fury — but instead of being angry at the repudiation of his work, he is cowed and afraid — all the spit and fire we thought saw in him now appear to be only invoked totems and masquerade masks crafted to help ensure his electability and not hard-nosed governing.

Now where does Obama turn?  He frittered away a Democrat majority in the House of Representatives.  He could have bulldozed through his entire agenda — and pleased his base — and he would not have it any worse from the Republicans other than what they have already spat at him over the last two years.

Mitch McConnell has openly stated his only agenda for the net two years as Senate Minority Leader is to guarantee Obama is a single-term president.  Those are fighting words.  Those are words of dishonor and disrespect and McConnell deserves to be punished for those un-American public musings — and yet Obama allows it all to slide off his back and choked down our faithful throats — because when you behave like a beaten down dog, you should expect to get smacked and hit and choked on a daily basis.

Obama has only two hopes for re-election in 2012 — and he’ll run again because of his Race, his historic mandate, and the need to not be a quitter in the midst of a mess he did not create — and his first hope is Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate and his second hope is that Iran presses their nuclear wants a bit too far.

With Sarah Palin as his opposition, droves of people will tumble from their soft beds and potato couches to vote — not for him, but against her — and he’ll win in a landslide.

Obama, with the help of Iran, can become his own “war president” and, in early 2012, he can “take on” Iran with military action and compel the rest of the nation to stand with him against a preternatural “terrorist nation” poking its “weapony finger” in our bloodshot eye — and even the hateful Republicans will have to fall in line behind him to stand up against the newest threat from an ancient nemesis.


    1. If Palin wants the nomination, it will be hers for the taking — but does she really want it? I’d say “no” — because it would mean taking a pay cut. She isn’t interested in doing the hard, daily work of governing — we saw that when she quit on Alaska. She just wants fame and money.

      “Dancing with the President” is right, Gordon! The Bristol vote-stuffing debacle makes the whole show a ridiculous riot:



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