I hate take taking the time trying new things and coming away from the experience with a “So What?” reaction.  Yesterday, I tripped on gravity and clicked on Twinterest and, five minutes later, I left with a “So What?” in hand a bunch of meaningless screenshots in my pocket.

With your explicit permission, Twinterest will hook into your Twitter stream and, I guess, arranging your interests in categories so — what? — you can remember what you wrote?  Here are the results for our @bolesblogs stream.

“Bile Duct?”  Really?  “Common Bile Duct?”  What?

I’m not sure why Twinterest thinks “Clostridium Difficile” belongs in “Nature” — but, perhaps ours is best not to wonder why.

“Education” seems to be pretty straightforward — except, of course, for “Jones International” — which we horribly remember with a familiar shake and a shudder.

“Computers” and “Television” and “Movies” seem to provide pretty straightforward results — but I can’t click on any individual result that leads me to that particular Tweet — so I am stuck with “So What?” and I am confused as what I should be doing with these Twinterest results, other than just ego ogling them.

If you decide to hook your Twitter stream into Twinterest, be sure to pop back here to share your results and any insights you discover — other than the simple, “So What?”


  1. I found it interesting to see all the things that I talked about distilled into topics, but agree that looking at my own interests was a bit of a so-what?

    What I found more interesting was looking at my friends’ interests and looking at what interests we had in common. I found myself clicking from person to person and trying to find who I had the most in common with based on what we’ve both said on Twitter.

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