Johann was getting more than a little bit worried about his little cat Danielle.

She had been eating what seemed to be more than her fair share of food and would fuss about, upset, if her bowl wasn’t always full.

He tried taking her and putting her on a treadmill but that didn’t help anyone as she just jumped right off of it.

When Johann took Danielle out and put her on a leash to get her to go for walks, he ended up dragging her along with him as he walked.

One person told him that he was going to call the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals because of what he was doing to his cat.

The trick finally came when Johann realized what it took to get Danielle to really run — a certain key word.

The key word happened to be spelled T-R-E-A-T.

Johann found that no matter where he was, just saying the word would cause Danielle to come running.

Johann decided that he was going to go to different parts of his house and say the word — it worked very nicely.

Only a few weeks later, Danielle lost three pounds — and to think that it was all through the power of a five letter word!


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