Appeaser in Chief: The Obama Wanna

We elected Barack Obama to forcefully lead us into a better, more esoteric life — where we could begin again to live The American Dream — that didn’t include foreign wars, or Homeland Security searches, or detainment camps or home foreclosures.

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Crossroads 2010 Movie Review

For the past five years, Eric Clapton has hosted a Crossroads Guitar Festival to raise money for his charity:  The Crossroads Center of Antigua.  This year’s festival — supposedly the last one ever — was held in Chicago on June 26th under a perilous sky and punishing heat.  The movie version of the festival is now available for purchase on iTunes for $20.00USD — or your can rent it for $4.00USD.  I plucked the purchase route, and I’ve been glorifying in Crossroads 2010 since late last night.

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