On the eve of The New Year, it’s time to once again fecklessly peer into the future to divine the yet unknown for the year 2010. 

My winning predictions for 2009 were just awful — the worst in my predicto history.  I was too heavy on the politics and so surprisingly wrong about Obama, Palin and McCain. 

Out of 10 predictions for 2009, I got one and a half right.  I was half right we would not have any national healthcare system — the monster that is being discussed is hardly kind or proper healthcare; and the second one I scored with was the idea that eBooks would grow to be more popular than paper books.

Here are my Top Ten predictions for 2010:

1.  The Apple Tablet will be a bust.  Is is an iPhone or a Kindle beater?  Virtual keyboards are not there yet and if you need a physical keyboard to use the tablet, then you’ve killed the whole notion of having tablet.  The Apple tablet will get great reviews, but it will be too heavy and no one will buy it except for fanbois like me.

2.  Verizon will become the number one iPhone reseller.

3.  Barack Obama will continue to slide in the polls because he has rotted his core into disappointment and the “other side” hates him with such a passion that they will never stop chewing on him until they draw blood.

4.  Blues music will have a resurgence in meaning and popularity as the world spins into a universal and desperate state of mind.

5.  eBooks will continue their upward rise to beat hardcopy books.

6.  Community Colleges will offer more online courses than in-person classes on campus.

7.  We will finally have a proper “Pet Health Care” tax deduction that will be kinder and more aggressively human than the national healthcare plan we will “have” without really benefiting from it.

8.  Google will become the number two phone maker.

9.  Google Wave will flop.  I had high hopes for Wave, but it’s been dead in beta for two months without any response or active intuiting from Google.  Those are traditionally bad signs for a Google product.  Wave suffers from an innate lack of privacy controls and to get Wave to work as we expect it to would take an entire rewriting of the code and the mission of the product.  Fail.

10.  The divorce rate will drop in the USA — not due to love or staying together “for the sake of the kids” — but to save money in an economy that will continue to disintegrate and decline.

That’s it!

Those are my Top Ten predictions for 2010 — now we only have to wait 12 months to see how well I scored.

We wish you all the best for 2010 and we thank you for so voraciously reading all 13 Blogs in the Boles Blogs Network.  We’re nothing without you and we will have lots more for you to read and enjoy in the New Year to come.


  1. Wishing the very best to all 13 and look forward to see it increasing!
    I too had high hopes for Google Wave, pretty disappointed seeing the outcome.

  2. I think Google Wave will pull itself out of its rut. I think I will be the man to force Google to make that happen. ūüôā Actually, I think it really will go nowhere.
    I hope you’re right about Verizon and the iphone — it will certainly make it easier for the rest of us iphone users!

  3. I think the problem with Wave is that people who use it want more privacy control while Google invented it to be wholly public. If you want privacy for collaboration, Google would argue, use Google Groups or Sites… not Wave. Welp… people want privacy in Wave, too… which sort of makes the whole idea a duplicate of what Google offers elsewhere even though Wave is prettier.
    I love Verizon cellular. If they get the iPhone, at&t will absolutely crumble — as they should — into nothing.

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