Can we find memeingful introspection in a series of numbers? 

We now live in the binary, the bit, the byte and the bitten.

Does 010110 mean something human behind the cold code?

Or are numerals only provided something memeingful in the context we provide?

This was published at 13:30 but was the thought created in 1330?


  1. This binary code is extremely popular on Twitter today, David! I love looking at numbers and different configurations for them.

  2. Yes, the numbers are everywhere today, Gordon — but is there any meaning in them or is it only the surface discovery that is bending minds to their will?

  3. We are the dreamers of dreams and we are the makers of meaning. Why does 1234 on the clock mean more than 1423? It’s order we ascribe to it. Why were people so amused at 12:34 on 4/5/67? Beause of that same meaning they gave it. 🙂

  4. Having been to over 40 Phish shows, I know that code a little too well :/
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  5. It’s interesting — the number 420 (four twenty) means a “crooked person” in my mother language, I’ve always wondered about the origin of the same!

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