Questioning the Memeing of the Kindle Fire

The naming of products can be a funny and tricky thing. There is the often repeated and yet false story about how the Chevrolet Nova failed to sell well in Latin America because the name means that the car does not go in Spanish. Even the naming of web sites, thanks to the lack of spaces in the url, can turn an innocuous store like Pen Island into the less than innocuous Penisland. A place to find out Who Represents actors suddenly seems like it could really be about Whore Presents when you don’t parse the name of the site correctly.

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Can we find memeingful introspection in a series of numbers? 

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Monks in Science!

How do Tibetan monks learn science?  They invite the best Bay Area scientists to join them in Sarna on the northern tip of India in order to learn how the scientific method works.

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Welcome to Memeingful

You are Memeingful

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The Wonder of Experience Without Meaning

I’m sure you’ve met them before — the people that do a thousand things yet have no meaning or magnitude attached to the learning in the experience.  They live overwhelmed and without wonder.

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Memeing a Copper Moon

We experienced a total lunar eclipse last night — and this morning at 6:50am Eastern — Janna took this image with her iPhone of a dying moon, still shining in its ghostly, copper, glory, as it falls into the horizon at the Journal Square PATH train station in Jersey City, New Jersey. The moon, if you can’t see it, is dipping right below the traffic lights in the lower center of the image.

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What is a Celebrity Semiotic?

It’s a fair question to wonder on the meaning of a “Celebrity Semiotic”
— what is it, what does it mean, and what are you doing with the idea
here?  The celebrity is the image — sometimes a craven image —
that lives beyond the ordinary life and into the excesses of the future
and the past.

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