We experienced a total lunar eclipse last night — and this morning at 6:50am Eastern — Janna took this image with her iPhone of a dying moon, still shining in its ghostly, copper, glory, as it falls into the horizon at the Journal Square PATH train station in Jersey City, New Jersey. The moon, if you can’t see it, is dipping right below the traffic lights in the lower center of the image.

Total lunar eclipses are special because they provide a range of colors as the moon treads through the sky in the earth’s shadow:

As it slips into the darkness, the moon will change colors that can range from a dull gray to a brilliant copper-red with a bright blue rim. While the earth blocks direct rays from the sun, the atmosphere refracts some of the light into the shadow.

The moon is a powerful meme. We know the Wolfman lurks under a full moon — but is the moon a feminine energy or a masculine one?

Do you think think the moon has the power to pull and influence the water in our bodies? When a full moon blossoms, does erratic human behavior flow?

The next total lunar eclipse will take place on December 21, 2010 — mark it on your calendar right now to give it a copper memeing you will never forget.


  1. I was out las night and saw it. Clouds were in the way. What I could see did look orange just like that. Moon rules us. We’re mostly water with inside tides.

  2. “Guarda la luna,” the man said in a memorable scene from Juliet of the Spirits – excellent film, btw. Alas I missed it but everyone told me it was quite beautiful. 🙂

  3. Excellent quote, Gordon!
    It’s interesting to me how sun eclipses get much more new coverage than the moon. I guess people rely more upon the warm of the sun than on the mysteries of the moon.

  4. The moon is a big round rock. Duh!
    interesting that the eclipse occurs on that date. Will it be a red moon? traditionally, red moon indicates a war …maybe the famous battle of armageddon….or something similar…watch and see if a war breaks out about that time…..since Iran is mad at Israel and the USA and is producing nuclear weapons and materials, this is not too unreasonable to imagine.

  5. Marianne —
    One could certainly use their knowledge of the phases of the moon to threaten others with a pox or mayhem if the put-upon did not behave as wished.
    It’s harder now, in the realm of science and technology, to defer to the Gods when it comes to the varieties of nature’s effects and aspects. We can predict things now where once we were only acted upon by nature and that is likely a good thing because lives, livestock and crops can be protected and saved from the vulgarity of total devastation.

  6. I mentioned that because those in the middle east have this tradition. If they follow this tradition, then they might start a war, thinking it was meant to be. But I am aware of the physiological changes that can occur during phases of the moon due to gravitational pull on objects.

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