Hillary in the Moon

I subscribe to a cartoon syndicate, and every morning a bunch of great drawings land in my Inbox.  I have a few traditional cartoons, but most of the work that arrives is of political cartoons from across the world.  This morning, I was struck by this political cartoon from Kerry Waghorn, a real master combining the essence of a person with their mission on earth.  The image is Hillary Clinton’s face in the moon and three elephants sleeping on the ground below her.  One elephants longingly looks up at her.

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What is Wrong with Newt Gingrich's Moon Base?

Of the many people attempting to secure the nomination for the Republican candidate for President of the United States, Newt Gingrich definitely amuses me the most. Not because of the time that he was the first (and thusfar, I believe, only) House Speaker to be penalized $300,000 for ethical wrongdoing. Not because of the way that he served his wife with divorce papers as she lay in the hospital struggling with cancer. Rather, what really gives me the giggles is how he seems to regularly say one thing and then behave in a manner completely inconsistent with what he has said.

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Talent Outliving Promise

When you think about the late 1960’s in America — especially the ovaric Woodstock moment — we are left with a desperate longing of what should have been instead of what never was.

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Memeing a Copper Moon

We experienced a total lunar eclipse last night — and this morning at 6:50am Eastern — Janna took this image with her iPhone of a dying moon, still shining in its ghostly, copper, glory, as it falls into the horizon at the Journal Square PATH train station in Jersey City, New Jersey. The moon, if you can’t see it, is dipping right below the traffic lights in the lower center of the image.

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