It’s a fair question to wonder on the meaning of a “Celebrity Semiotic”
— what is it, what does it mean, and what are you doing with the idea
here?  The celebrity is the image — sometimes a craven image —
that lives beyond the ordinary life and into the excesses of the future
and the past.

We refuse to publish the image here because the semiotic of the celebrity is already infested and wholly ingrained in the imagination and manipulation of the mainstream mindset.

Celebrity does not mean fame: Fame is conditional and fleeting — while celebrity, like infamy — is forever.

blog is about rooting out the perils in celebrity and helping them die
a quick and convenient death.  We do not worship celebrity.  We do not
bend to the alleged power of celebrity in our society.  We poke.  We
pull.  We punish.

“Celebrity Semiotic ™ is where celebrity goes to die!”