His mother encouraged him from the beginning — he knew exactly what he wanted.

He had to reach that destination and achieve that goal because it meant everything in the world — life and death were in front of him as choices.

All he had to do was to reach for the ring.

He saw the ring as it pulsated and beat in front of him — but it was just seemingly out of reach.

He lunged forward and exerted himself to grab the precious ring that meant his own salvation but barely missed it.

“Come on, Herschel” his mother yelled out at him, for she felt the importance of the ring as much as he did — having read about the ring for many years before he was born.

As it seemed like things were getting desperate, he pushed himself forward and coiled himself with the anticipation to make a mighty leap.

He momentarily faltered, fearing that this last attempt might fail and that all might be for naught.

He lunged forth and grabbed at the ring and felt his hand fully grasp the ring, pulling it free from its stronghold.

Mother and son united, they celebrated his tremendous win and excitedly danced away, ring firmly in hand.


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