The Intemperate Tyrant Twins

We live in a time of Intemperate Tyrants — and the levels of expectation they set for those who elected them — leads us straight into the grave and never above the Heavens. What have we done, as a country, and a nation, to deserve the leaderless examples of the bloodless Donald Trump and the vampiric Chris Christie?

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Oh, Baby, Don’t You Cry: Unless Your Mamma Makes You Mew

What would you think of a mother who purposefully set out to make her 10-month-old baby girl cry — just so she could record the breakdown and publish it on YouTube for the entire world to see?

Would you champion that mother as the prime protector of her offspring?

Or would you instead be bothered by the unnecessary spectacle of a mother exploiting the emotional well-being of her vulnerable baby for entertainment purposes?

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Thirty Years On Today: Burying Oliver Mark Wadey

They say that time heals — I beg to differ. It may cloud and diminish generalities, but on this day, every year, the pain is still the pain that only the gut wrenching sorrow that the loss of a child can bring. True that pain is confined to this day and this day alone and in spite of all my efforts and strategies over the years to cope with it, deal with it, or even try to ignore it altogether, I never quite manage to do so.

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The California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Bodywash, No Fragrance Review

A year ago, Elizabeth and I were in baby bathing heaven and didn’t even know it. We could go out at any time and buy a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s Baby Clean Day Hair and Body Shampoo — with such an amazing scent and power to leave our Chaim Yosef’s hair soft and easily brush-able, who could possibly find fault? Well it turns out that Mrs. Meyer’s had a big problem with the shampoo and body wash — namely, that it wasn’t selling well compared to their soaps and detergents. They did what any other company would do in their position — they killed the product outright, without consulting with customers to see if there was something they could do to make them want to perhaps buy a few more. As soon as we found that this was the case, we found just about every single bottle that we could and bought it.

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The California Parenting Institute Does Not Like Satire

There are many new and exciting things that are discovered about parenting, and what is safe and dangerous to do in terms of the technology we use and the techniques we use for everything from feeding our children to putting them to sleep. The way we slept when we were babies would be considered dangerous and perhaps life threatening to babies raised today — take the back versus belly debate for sleeping, which each continues to have its champions depending on the age of the baby.

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When Your Baby Falls off the Bed

It was a typical quiet evening in the Davidescu household. Elizabeth was getting the bath ready for our son Chaim (who goes by Chaim, Chaim Yosi, and Chaim Yosef — that’s a lot of names for someone who just hit eight months!) and meanwhile I was getting him ready by taking off his day clothing and picking some pajamas for him. I had him laying on his back on our bed and went to get a set of pajamas for him when all of a sudden I heard a loud THUMP sound from behind me, followed immediately by a loud screaming cry — the likes of which I had never heard before and hope to never hear again.

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Does Commuting Destroy Relationships?

I read with intrigue an article about the effects of commuting on a relationship. It was particularly interesting to me as a person who takes a one hour train ride twice a day. According to the article, all it takes is a simple 45 minute commute to work to lead to a possible split between the couple. In my experience, however, this has not been the case. Here are some reasons why.

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