A year ago, Elizabeth and I were in baby bathing heaven and didn’t even know it. We could go out at any time and buy a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s Baby Clean Day Hair and Body Shampoo — with such an amazing scent and power to leave our Chaim Yosef’s hair soft and easily brush-able, who could possibly find fault? Well it turns out that Mrs. Meyer’s had a big problem with the shampoo and body wash — namely, that it wasn’t selling well compared to their soaps and detergents. They did what any other company would do in their position — they killed the product outright, without consulting with customers to see if there was something they could do to make them want to perhaps buy a few more. As soon as we found that this was the case, we found just about every single bottle that we could and bought it.

We also bought a bottle of California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash with no fragrance. There’s a good reason for the no fragrance part and it has everything to do with the fact that I generally bathe Chaim Yosef at night and, when he has trouble sleeping, rock him back to sleep. We had previously purchased California Baby Shampoo but the smell was horrible — so bad that I have put the name of the fragrance out of my mind and we left the bottle in Yakima, Washington for the visits we make out there to see Chaim’s maternal grandmother and grandfather. Elizabeth figured that if the scent bothered me that much, perhaps it would be better if it were unscented.

I wish that I could say that this were the case but even this shampoo has a rather unpleasant smell to it. Another problem that I have found with it is that, unlike Mrs. Meyer’s shampoo, it does not leave Chaim’s hair fluffy and easy to brush. I find myself fighting with knots and he lets out rather unhappy yelps as I try to get his hair under control. I think that Mrs. Meyers shampoo must have some kind of conditioning agent to leave hair so soft and supple, whereas the California Baby shampoo gets his hair to have the same feel as you get when you rub your hand through a haystack.

We are in a rather unpleasant situation right now as we are finally down to the last bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s baby shampoo and I find myself increasing how often I use the shampoo from California Baby. If you know of a baby shampoo that leaves hair soft and supple and smells good — with natural ingredients — let me know! It will be most helpful to anyone who reads this article.


    1. I hope so as well. I have seen some on sketchy web sites that have no seller credentials but I’d rather not fork over money and get no good shampoo in the end.

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