We live in a time of Intemperate Tyrants — and the levels of expectation they set for those who elected them — leads us straight into the grave and never above the Heavens. What have we done, as a country, and a nation, to deserve the leaderless examples of the bloodless Donald Trump and the vampiric Chris Christie?

The deadly error some people are now making to excuse Donald Trump’s bad behavior, and ill-preparation for the presidency, is to infantilize him. He’s new. He doesn’t know any better.

We know none of that is true.

We know Donald Trump is an experienced Indigo Child who has morphed into a manchild with great power that he will ultimately use to roughen up his misaligned allies at home, and he’ll never challenge the Big Boy foreign-soiled threats who will actually punch him back.

Trump is all about image, not results, he’s the master of the Kayfabe Presidency — where one only threatens what feels will scare the other person; and where one will always pretend to follow through to prove a threat is real, even if the result is the destruction of the world.

It’s like the old truism when a husband jokes the truth to his wife, and she asks, “Are you kidding, or not?” and he quickly replies, “It depends if you’re laughing, or not.”

The punchline never ends well for the husband. Donald Trump will never end well for the us of US.

Setting the bad example of Donald Trump before Trump became Trump — was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who made his political bones off the carcasses of others.

There was never an insult, or a barb, that Chris Christie didn’t enjoy delivering — and he has never been shy about starting a fight just so he can end it, later, in public, in front of camera set on record-to-broadcast.

It’s massively disappointing to have an entire state so wholly misappropriated, and damaged, by a man who never cared about the people — he was only bent on serving his own selfish needs, and the vested interests of his political investors.

Talk about crying the well dry — well, with Chris Christie leading New Jersey, the well has always been empty, and toxic. It’s an odd feeling waiting for things to only get worse, because they always do. Chris Christie’s legacy is one of suffering.

And so we have, in the Christie implant, a roadmap for how, and when, the Trump presidency will end — and it will end sooner than we think — only because there are now forces working behind Trump’s back, to return America to Americans, that he can no longer control or silence.

When the truth begins to trickle out between the facts, Trump will turn even more petty and cruel — and destroy as much of America, at home and abroad, as he can before he’s shown the way out.

The secret to controlling Trump, and his inevitable cataclysm, will be threatening him with the real power of a promise delivered in full; and that will mean jail time, the loss of his bank account, the dismantling of his glossy brand, and ridicule in the public square.

The temptation with Trump will be to send him away, shaken, but still stirring — but the real job is to put him away, all the way, away from the people he finds pleasure in hurting, for the real woundings have yet to begin — and we must never be afraid to trade blood for honor in the restoration of our most closely held moral values as dutiful Americans.