It seems insane that a man who has excellent government health insurance is able to lift himself from a surgeon’s table, hop a plane from Arizona to Washington, D.C. and then cast the Senate’s deciding vote opening the opportunity to strip healthcare protection from everyday citizens; but this is the world now in which we hurl, where the sky is green, and the Grim Reaper is now the Giver of Life, and facts are lies, and the truth isn’t published anywhere, and can never be known — because nothing is understandable, and everything else is just all made up to set up the next spin of a still life into a grave.

I do not blame Donald Trump for this “Trumpanization of a Nation” — no, this upside down table was set long before The Donald decided to run — he just stepped into the tarpit with both armpits blazing — and here are a few of the precursors that numbed us to the actuality of a “Trump Presidency: Trump before Trump.” I’m also sadly certain you can name many other examples of your own!

The Tom Brady football foolishness was a greasy test of cogency and disbelief. If you were a New England fan, you were unable to even admit Tom Brady was a cheater. It took some time, but the NFL finally proved their case against Tom and the Patriots — but if you were an average person with ordinary intelligence, it was a shock to realize there were really people in the world who were actually defending Tom Brady; that somehow it was Tom who was the wronged one, and not the cheating one! Sound familiar?

Yes, if there’s one horrible result of the O.J. Simpson trial, it wasn’t that O.J. was found not guilty, it was the discovery, the rise, and the revulsion of a gang of characters collectively called — “The Kardashians” — who have now taken over every moment of our common culture in truly disgusting, and nefarious, ways. Beauty is valued over education. Videotaped sex is a money making machine and not a humiliation. Fake bodies are better than natural beauties. Before there was “The Pussy Grabber” there was the “Pussy Show-er” — and you can’t grab one unless you have the geography of the other. Yes, thank Kim for inoculated rise of The-Grabber-in-Chief.

The rise of Twitter was another unravelling of decency in society — and the tempering of the unabated gross-out factor. Where once you had to go through a website, or a blog moderator, to read reasonable voices — with Twitter — one was now set free to lie, and disparage, and threaten, and annoy, all in public, with no punishment or retribution. The worse you behaved, the better you were rewarded. Trump just leapt on the Twitter train, and began to behave as everyone around him was: Obnoxiously and without the active conscience of censorship or humane oversight.

We cannot blame Trump for being genius enough to exploit an opportunity ripe for exploitation — he saw the gaping maw of what polite society used to be, and leapt in with both feet, and a sniveling fake claim against a sitting President’s birth certificate — but instead of toughening up after winning his wants, and accepting the punches he’s taking in the face, Trump cries foul and complains while all those Greater men before him were rough enough to take a beating and keep on leading; but can we blame the brittle little-handed man for railing against a transparent society?

In order for the weak to find success — they must first use the cover of darkness as a false witness weapon against the fact of an unbending light of truth that shines upon them — even under the blackened eye of a shimmering sky.