Trumpanization of a Nation

It seems insane that a man who has excellent government health insurance is able to lift himself from a surgeon’s table, hop a plane from Arizona to Washington, D.C. and then cast the Senate’s deciding vote opening the opportunity to strip healthcare protection from everyday citizens; but this is the world now in which we hurl, where the sky is green, and the Grim Reaper is now the Giver of Life, and facts are lies, and the truth isn’t published anywhere, and can never be known — because nothing is understandable, and everything else is just all made up to set up the next spin of a still life into a grave.

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The Interpreter Impostor at the Mandela Memorial

Mandela’s memorial yesterday has ignited a firestorm today out of the Soweto rain.  No, not Obama’s failed message, or the non-Michelle approved Presidential selfie with other heads of State, but rather the fraud of an impostor posing as an interpreter for the Deaf during the ceremony.

The alleged sign language interpreter was so awful, in fact, that he had to have been in on the cruel joke that he knew nothing about even creating rudimentary signs.

Unfortunately, this sort of “faking it” is actually pretty common in the Deaf Community.  There are a lot of “professional” interpreters who are not well-trained but who are given jobs because they are cheap — even though they are incapable of proper signing.  The Deaf suffer and the incompetence gets a paycheck.

While not many working interpreters are as fraudulent on the level of what happened in Soweto — the end effect is still the same: The Deaf person has no idea what’s being said and has to guess about what’s really happening.

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Beyonce Fakes Reality Once Again

Beyonce is at it again!  She’s faking reality and pretending that we don’t notice and are not offended by her intentional deceit.  Is this capacity for suspending disbelief part of the DNA of her itinerant celebrity status?  Pretending to really sing the National Anthem at Obama’s second inauguration was but the latest straw breaking our camel back.  Four years ago, we addressed the performance fakery of Yo Yo Ma at Obama’s first inauguration; and the second time around — we’re stuck with No Mo’ Beyonce.

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Cassadee Pope and How The Voice Swindled Us with a Ringer

I did not watch “The Voice” this season — as I said I would not in March of this year — because the show had changed into something unfamiliar and unlikable:

The way to fix The Voice — and fix it fast! — is for the coaches to be more involved in the performance preparation process.  They need to require the proper tempo.  They need to tell a contestant they are awful when they are awful.  They need to buck up and stop picking on each other and start mentoring their singers so a new and necessary talent is anointed on the show.

Imagine my surprise when I kept hearing the name “Cassadee Pope” lingering in the mainstream media as the winner of season three of The Voice.

“Hmm,”  I thought to myself, “The obnoxious spelling of ‘Cassadee’ is ringing familiar in both eye and ear.  Let me look her up.”

In doing a simple Google search on “Cassadee Pope” I was presented with this right sidebar information box right on the Google search returns page.  When I saw the reference to “Hey Monday” — I began to realize there was something odd afoot at the altar of the mainstream pop mindset if Cassadee was just crowned the “winner” of a singing competition.

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YUUUP! Storage Wars is Fake!

Dave Hester — of silly Storage Wars YUUUP! infamy — is of one of those odd, and sadly self-serious, folk who happen to wind up on “reality” television and are then routinely surprised when people like us, who have never met them in person before, yet still know precisely who they are just by watching how poorly they treat others on television.  This phenomenon is uncommonly known as “The Kardashian Effect” or, less routinely, perhaps, as “The Mark of Dave Hester.”

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Is the Zapruder Film a Fake?

The other day, I was doing a Google search on how to deblur an image that had the Photoshop box blur filter invoked when one of the search returns was an interesting website that graphically, and scientifically, put the lie to what we all thought was the ultimate truth of the JFK assassination:  The Zapruder film is a heavily edited fake!

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Does it Matter if Snooki is Pregnant?

I would like to open by answering the question posed in the title of this article of whether it matters if Snooki is pregnant and the answer is absolutely not. Having written this, I would like to explain further why it is that it does not matter that Snooki may or may not be pregnant.

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