The other day, I was doing a Google search on how to deblur an image that had the Photoshop box blur filter invoked when one of the search returns was an interesting website that graphically, and scientifically, put the lie to what we all thought was the ultimate truth of the JFK assassination:  The Zapruder film is a heavily edited fake!

I will step you through the argument of the website that the Zapruder film is an elaborate hoax, and I urge you to visit the site to view with your own eyes and mind the empirical evidence and videos:

Things get more complicated when we look at the film frame-by-frame. As the bullet hits, JFK’s head first moves forwards:

This makes things confusing. There seemed to be three possible explanations:

1. He was hit by two bullets at almost the same time (one from behind and then one from the front).

2. He was hit from behind, and a jet of brain matter exploding from the front caused his head to recoil backwards.

3. He was hit from behind and some sort of muscle reaction caused his head to fly backwards.

People tried to figure this out for three decades. Instead of clearing up the mystery, Zapruder’s film just made things more confusing.

In the 1990s, researchers started to realize that there was a fourth possible explanation. Zapruder’s film might also be a part of the lies and cover-up that agencies of the U.S. Government had weaved around the JFK assassination!

Next, you learn about the fast-forward mistakes filled with lots of images and still frames from the Zapruder film:

The first mistake you should look at is called “Connally’s Hat Trick”. The Governor of Texas, John Connally, was holding his hat in his hand. According to the U.S. Government, he was hit by the “magic bullet” at the same time that JFK got hit in the throat—in other words, when the car is hidden by the sign. This bullet supposedly broke his right wrist. But after the car comes out from behind the sign, Connally does some sort of superhuman hat-flicking motion—with his broken wrist!

The “Blur Mistake” is convincing proof that LIFE Magazine was either involved in the hoax or duped by the United States government:

Now look at the man in the foreground, with his fingers in a “V” shape. To his left you can see the edge of a black umbrella (just above the back wheel of the limo). In the background you can see a tree. The leaves are sharp against the shaded trunk. Look at the red shrubs behind. You can see many bright spots. Look also at the two men (who, strangely, aren’t looking at the President at all!). Compare them to the people shown in the frame at the top of this page.

Just by looking at it, you can see that there is something wrong with this photo. But we can also use the laws of physics to check that it is impossible. This is the sort of test that would be used in a court of law to prove that the film is a forgery.

I’ll skip “The Sign Mistake” and “The Lamppost Mistake” and “The Wound Mistake” and “The Hole Mistake” because they rely on lots of images and video to explain complicated and complex film and image editing techniques, but I will leave you with a final thought from “The Blood Mistake” —

When the forgers sped up the action so that it would look like the limousine never stopped, it meant that these two frames were only two-thirds of a second apart. Somehow, in less than a second, the President had to be shot in the head, and any blood and brain matter had to disappear into thin air!

The magazine printing was stopped, the printing plate for this page was broken, and the bloodless Frame 323 was taken out. But in a monumental blunder, it was replaced by Frame 313: the first time the “blood spray” was ever published!

It is ironic that two different versions of the same magazine issue caused the “blood spray” problem: a fake-looking spray of blood appears, and 0.55 seconds later it has completely disappeared.

It was fascinating to read that analysis of the Zapruder film hoax and, after reading and viewing all the images and movie evidence, there is no doubt the film was faked in order to cover up what really happened to JFK.

You leave the website convinced the United States Government was involved in JFK’s assassination in a really bad way that is too painful to comprehensively consider — even though we must — and you are also sickened in a similarly horrible way that we were duped during the ginned up Bush Wars by our immoral government, and that we now have war criminals wandering around, unfettered, pretending to be war heroes when all they did was hoax us into a couple of made up wars that killed a lot of innocent people and cost us a fortune in blood and treasure that we will still be paying down for generations.

When will we ever learn as a nation to never trust the convenient government lie as an easy truth?  Human facts are always complicated and hard and tough and ugly and cold and they don’t ever blindly fit pledging allegiance to a flag instead of to ourselves: We, The People.  We don’t have a right to know.  We have a right to must know.


    1. There are two things that have always bothered me about the Zapruder film.

      1. The disappearing blood. There should be blood mist and blood spatter all over Jackie and the car and the the Secret Service guy who soon crawls up the back of the car. The blood explodes and then disappears into thin air.

      2. The lurching forward of the limo passengers. The limo quickly stopped — to give the shooters a non-moving target — and then started up again. The lurch forward of the passengers confirms the limo slammed on its brakes, even though the “experts” later claimed that lurch was caused by rapid acceleration — too bad the acceleration effect forces people back into their seats, not forward — eyewitness accounts on the scene also say the limo stopped and then started up again. In the Zapruder film, there’s a lurching — but not stopping. Doesn’t make sense!

      The website I mention in my article clearly addresses those concerns and many others — proving the conspiracy to kill JFK was quite real, widespread, and involved more gunmen than the “lone shooter.”

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