Coloring History: Should Facts Remain Black and White?

Every so often, we get someone who steps forward to decide our shared, national, record of events isn’t good enough in standard black and white — and so they take the task upon themselves to “convert” the established, memed, facts of black and white history into their color-coded version of hues — to reset, in their mind, what really happened.

This modernizing filter of alleged aesthetic and absolutely craven creativity is just as disturbing to me today as it was 30 years ago when I was an undergraduate Freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln taking a film class with the great Dr. June Perry Levine.

At the time of Dr. Levine’s course, Ted Turner was in full-burst mode in his effort to “colorize” old black and white movies and television shows by adding color to give them new life on his cable channel.

Turner’s effect was horrible and gross as skin colors were orange and backgrounds were dark blue and clothing was all a shade of a mossy green: Time travel at its complete worst.

Adding new color to old black and white images is like repainting a fresco of Christ.  The ultimate effect of each effort is the shared shameful same.

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Is the Zapruder Film a Fake?

The other day, I was doing a Google search on how to deblur an image that had the Photoshop box blur filter invoked when one of the search returns was an interesting website that graphically, and scientifically, put the lie to what we all thought was the ultimate truth of the JFK assassination:  The Zapruder film is a heavily edited fake!

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Defacing Obama

Obama is, some believe, the most celebrated president in “people’s art” since JFK — and while these public images of Obama are ego-stoking  — we must also ask:  Are they any good? 

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