When Breastfeeding is Banned

There are many aspects in life in which I have become increasingly sensitive since my wife and I brought our beautiful baby Chaim Yosef into the world. One of those things is the ever important nutrition of our son. In more recent times it has become less of an issue as he is normally very happy to take milk from a sippy cup (soy, almond, or otherwise) as well as a number of extremely healthy solid foods but for the first nine months of his life he relied on breast milk as a means of sustenance.

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The Medela Symphony Breast Pump Review

My wife and I were first introduced to the Medela Symphony in the hospital where my wife gave birth to our son via emergency c-section. Our friend and doula told us that it was the best breast pump she knew to, so to speak, establish the milk supply that would be necessary to properly feed our son.

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His Eyes on the Prize: Ten Sentence Story #107

His mother encouraged him from the beginning — he knew exactly what he wanted.

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The Feed Granola Review

As someone who has recently gone vegan I have been reaching out for new and exciting foods to eat. While I am not quite ready for an 80/10/10 diet with almost nothing but fruit, I do like finding foods that I can eat in the morning.

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Jimmy Spins the World

Jimmy is the 62-year-old handyman of our building — though he always calls himself “manager.”  You never want to be caught in the same hallway with Jimmy or you’ll be stuck there for at least an hour getting regaled with stories that teeter between fact and fiction and balance on fantasy. 
The first thing you think when you see Jimmy is, “Run the other way!”  Last week, I was caught with no means of escape in the basement of our building.  This is my story of Jimmy spinning the world.

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Crisis in Coffee Culture

In Nebraska, if you want a “black coffee” you order a “regular coffee.”

In New York, if you order a “regular coffee” you get a “coffee with milk and sugar.”

In Nebraska, if you want a “coffee with milk and sugar” you say, “I want a coffee with milk and sugar.”

In New York, if you want a “black coffee” you say, “I want a black coffee.”

This crisis in coffee culture affected a young Nebraska actress so much she left New York after a year and found success on a Los Angeles-based Soap Opera where she could order a “regular coffee” and get what she wanted.