As someone who has recently gone vegan I have been reaching out for new and exciting foods to eat. While I am not quite ready for an 80/10/10 diet with almost nothing but fruit, I do like finding foods that I can eat in the morning.

I used to go to 7-11 every morning for an egg salad sandwich. This had to change, of course, as soon as I quit animal products. I strolled into a Duane Reade one afternoon during my lunch break, hoping to find something I could eat in the morning.

The Feed Granola bag immediately caught my eye thanks to its rather large and bulky shape and the fact that it had the word FEED written on it in rather large letters. I saw that the granola was kosher certified and also certified as dairy — which meant that it could have either had dairy ingredients or was processed in the same facility with other foods that actually had dairy ingredients. The first bag that I checked had honey in it and so I put it away and moved on to the next one.

The next Feed bag was called “An Apple A Day” — good health if I ever saw it printed on a bag! I looked over the ingredients and saw that it had neither actual dairy ingredients nor honey. I was sold on it until I saw the price of seven dollars. This threw me off until I thought about the size of the package. The package claims to have nine servings in it and I believe it. I took the granola back to my office, sans plastic bag, and had a few teaspoons full of it.

The “Apple A Day” granola tastes like lightly sweetened granola with little bits of apple in it. This is not surprising because that is exactly what it is. The granola is the sort of food that I could easily eat for breakfast several days in a row and not get sick of it — and I have done exactly that on a couple of occasions. It is not like so many breakfast cereals that have a need for some kind of milk (soy or otherwise) to bring out their flavor. Rather, it can be enjoyed exactly as it is.

Now for a couple of things I would like to see improved with the Feed product line. The first has to do with the packaging. Certainly not the size of the packaging or the design — that is what attracted me to the Feed Granola line in the first place. The packaging is made of some kind of papery plastic substance that I can’t quite work out — but it’s quite clear that it is not recyclable in any way. In an ideal world, all food products like this would come in packaging that is biodegradable.

The second is a little more minor but still something I would love to see changed. All of the granola products offered by Feed Granola are sweet in some way. There are different sweet fruits with each granola mix but it is still sweet. What I would like to see is a couple of granola varieties that are not sour, yet not sweet — maybe it could be a little on the tart side without being sweet. I am reminded of Indian restaurants that offer two sorts of lassi — the beverage made of blended yogurt. There is a sweet yogurt and there is a more sour yogurt. Either way, the palate is given a treat. While it is true that not as many people like sour tastes, we are out here and want to be satisfied!


  1. Love this review, Gordon! How fantastic!

    We are definitely going to try some of this cool Apple granola. Janna was thrilled to learn about it!

    We, too, are trying hard to stay away from any sort of sugar. Sugar really messes with your body in bad ways and it is in EVERYTHING we eat!

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