Do you know  I didn’t.  I do know. is a new website/social aggregator/homepage you create to connect things “About You.”  I guess.  I’m always sort of late to these burgeoning online enterprises, so when I read yesterday that was sold to AOL for tons of money after only being live four days, I decided to hurry on over and grab a username and root around a bit to see what about the fuss was about and — — is now mine, along with all a bundled bucket of obnoxious TypeKit Fonts that still take forever to propagate and load on a page:

I have no idea what is or what it does.  Is it the new FriendFeed?  Is it an early Tumbler wannabe?

After signing up and signing in, the first thing you do is pick a giant background.  I chose a large, crusty, yellow, urban scene.

Then you can upload an Avatar and set your name and write a descriptive headline and a brief bio.

Next, pick some colors.  I decided to use a variety of yellows to match my rusty background.

Here are the TypeKit fonts!  I made the boldest choices.  It took about an hour for all these fonts and larger pixel sizes to update on my page.

I suppose the magic in — if there is any to be had — is found here in the Services screen.  You can pick your social networks and link them on your page.  Maybe wants to be the new Claim ID?

There’s also a stats screen in that might prove interesting as time ticks and the tide rolls against us:

Here’s how my public page looks to a visitor.

My page is sort of weird and strange — just like Me — and that’s fine by me.  I just have no idea what to do with it next.  I can’t see any way to create new content or push an RSS feed to subscribers.  I guess I could update my bio to make something new — but that’s a lot of work for very little personalization.


  1. Please excuse my domestic analogy. Is this like a front door and Facebook, youtube etc rooms in the house? Is it meant to become a portal to all of these other applications? If not, I don’t see a purpose for it.

    1. Hi Kathe!

      I guess you click on the icons on someone’s profile to see what they’re up to?

      It feels unfinished to me — that’s why it’s so amazing that AOL bought it. You can’t update your social networking accounts from and so its more like an abandoned way station than an engine that drives social connections forward. I don’t get it.

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