Lying for Jewish Sex

An Arab man had consensual, premarital, sex with a Jewish woman.  He told her he was Jewish in order to get into her pants.  The woman believed the lie.

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Elizabeth Edwards and Her Everlasting Loathing

In what can only be called “In the Spirit of Revenge,” cheating John Edwards‘ wife Elizabeth is coming out of her cancer haze to fling one last round of loathing against his infidelity as a husband and his immorality as a father.  In case you need a reminder of Edwards’ public sin, here’s the splash headline from the National Enquirer showing his mistress and alleged love child.  

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Lying to Children

Is it ever appropriate to lie to a child? If the answer is “yes,” are there any lines drawn between truth and falsity or is the truth a bending line that requires re-definition every day? In my post, Learning How to Cuss, some of the comments for that piece focused on the idea of Santa Claus and I posted this thought there:

It’s fascinating how the idea of Santa Claus is negotiated [with children] and it’s almost inevitable that it will end in disappointment and heartbreak.

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