I am not a big Gamer, but when I saw Call of Duty 2 was available as a Universal Application for the Mac I had to pony up the $50.00 for the game to see how well it would play on my MacBook Pro.
Call of Duty 2 is an outstanding game and I can run it in full 1680×1050 mode. 

That means I get a great visual experience and there is no stuttering
or slow-down during the in-game play experience. You get to shoot all
kinds of guns. You ride on tanks and other military vehicles. You get
to blow up the enemy with explosives you plant on their valuable
You are a soldier in World War II military campaigns.

You start off in
the Russian army and you use their weapons and schemes of attack. Here
I am in a train yard somewhere along the Russian front and I am hunting
down the enemy with my pistol because I already used up the good ammo
for my rifle. I didn’t last too long after I grabbed this screenshot
probably because I was aiming at the guy re-loading and not the guy
next to him who was actively bearing down on me through his rifle

Call of Duty 2

Next you become a member of the British army in a campaign across the
desert. Here I am in Egypt on the verge of getting killed as a rocket
hits our truck. Even through my bloody view you can see the guy who
shot the rocket at us still standing on the roof of the building above
and in front of us if you follow the smoke trails.

The warning on the
screen says, “Get back from the vehicles!” You learn to heed those
in-game warnings pretty quickly if you want to continue playing.

 Call of Duty 2

finally find yourself in France as an American fighter. Here I am using
my Sniper Rifle to pick off the guys who are shooting mortars at us:

 Call of Duty 2

of Duty 2 provides many hours of play-through enjoyment. You can play
on the Easy level and guarantee forward movement throughout the game or
you can play on harder and harder levels of excellence where you will
be tested not only on how well you shoot but how well you can protect
your health by not dying. It took me three days to play through the
entire game on the Easy level. I know some hardcore Gamers who run
through the whole game in a day. There’s no rush to finish.

Enjoy the
experience and the aesthetic the game creators have worked hard to
provide you in a realistic World War II shooter. You will not soon
forget the D-Day campaign. You feel as if you are there. When you get
hit by a mortar you wonder if you’re dead or alive and when a game can
trick your senses so fully you know you are in a world you have never
before experienced. The game claims if you play on the hardest
“Veteran” level “you will not survive.” Now that’s a dare many gamers
would love to try to prove wrong!


  1. Hi Simms!
    Yes, Call of Duty 2 is available on many platforms. It is bloody. That’s the fun of it! You can turn down the gore if you can’t abide it.

  2. Well, in the case of this game, Simms, I think it’s to try to experience what those who fought WWII felt. It isn’t an exact emotional or physical match but the gameplay is pretty realistic — especially if you turn on all the effects and you see the blood and guts flying around you. It’s a sobering reminder that killing — even in war — is ugly and unseemly.

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