Should We Find Out Obesity Likelihood at Birth?

As Fall arrived, I noticed a lot more children taking the train in the morning, on their way to school. I could not help but notice that this year, as in years past, the number of heavier set children seems to be on the rise — and sadly it is not just my observation but a recorded trend of an increase in the number of children and teenagers that are considered obese. When I was a child it was considerably more unusual than it is today and I fear that trends are moving toward more overweight and obese children, not fewer.

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The Soothe and Glow Seahorse Review

Getting your baby to sleep can be a tricky thing. There are many techniques parents try from rocking their babies gently, nursing, to using music — my wife and I have tried them all with differing levels of success depending on the evening and Chaim Yosef’s particular mood at the time. Some evenings he is more receptive to the rocking. Others, nursing is all that it takes to do the trick. This was all changed after recent events — he more or less has been going to sleep on his own since the events that led to one of the most difficult things I ever had to do.

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The Nourish Water Scam

For many years, salesmen traveled around the United States and peddled various sorts of quack medicine — ointments that smelled great but did nothing, liquid supplements that were less than worthless, and other medicines that were more sugar pill than anything else. In the twenty-first century, the growing trend seems to be selling things that are already available and making them seem new and amazing.

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Wyclef Tells Brad and Angie to Adopt Haitian Babies

We know New Orleans still needs all the help we can offer. Despite this, celebrities are still coming up with new and improved ways to try to help out the devastated nation of Haiti. Wyclef Jean, for example, recently appealed to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to adopt a baby from Haiti.

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Of Magnets and Moral Mayhem

There’s been a lot of humming chatter lately about the reported ability magnets have on influencing morality stored in the brain.  We have always claimed the mind is a machine and memory is but a cog in the process of grinding us into definition, and this new magnet research causes concern for the unwitting, easy, malleability of who we believe we are forged to be in situ.

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The Moral Code of Babies: Hardwiring Good and Evil

We know babies are born selfish and power-seeking — and we’ve met the Kindergarten Contract Killers.  Now we turn our frightened, Panopticonic, eye to the scientific notion that babies are embedded with a moral code:  They are born knowing the difference between good and evil.

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Outlawing Crafting

Today, I propose we enact a new rule when it comes to the Art of Human Living:  Outlawing Crafting.  I realize this idea may be less popular than Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal” — commoditizing children by eating babies in the time of economic hardship — and I’m sure there are some among us who will also accuse me of treachery against the American Spirit. 
We live to pretend to recreate Art from the junk of others.

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