Getting your baby to sleep can be a tricky thing. There are many techniques parents try from rocking their babies gently, nursing, to using music — my wife and I have tried them all with differing levels of success depending on the evening and Chaim Yosef’s particular mood at the time. Some evenings he is more receptive to the rocking. Others, nursing is all that it takes to do the trick. This was all changed after recent events — he more or less has been going to sleep on his own since the events that led to one of the most difficult things I ever had to do.

One holdover from the days of us having to help him fall asleep has been a plush electronic seahorse — specifically, the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse that comes with not only a long name but an astonishingly strong battery as we have used it nearly every night since buying it and it shows no strain. The Seahorse does two things. For one, it has a soft and gentle yellow glow that comes from its belly. The second thing is that it plays soothing music for about six minutes — the volume gets lower until it is entirely quiet, at which point the seahorse is completely off and your baby should be either sleeping or close to sleep.

Necessary disclaimer — we purchased the Seahorse with our own money.

With Chaim Yosef this was not always the case. We would turn the seahorse on when we would put him in bed, mostly asleep, and he would actually push the seahorse away from himself if he was not in the mood to hear its soothing music. When he was receptive to it, however, he would cuddle up on it.

As I have mentioned, things have changed a little bit since Chaim Yosef has been going to sleep more on his own than with our assistance. Most notably, we no longer have to turn the Seahorse for him — just put it near him, and he actually will pull it close to him and turn it on by squeezing the Seahorse’s body with his arm. On more than one evening we have entirely forgotten to put the Seahorse near him and he has sought it out on his own, army crawling his way over to it and then activating it. We are always impressed when he does this.

I would recommend the Soothe and Glow Seahorse with the caveat that it may not work for your baby as well as it has for our Chaim Yosef. Remember — every baby is different!


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