There’s been a lot of humming chatter lately about the reported ability magnets have on influencing morality stored in the brain.  We have always claimed the mind is a machine and memory is but a cog in the process of grinding us into definition, and this new magnet research causes concern for the unwitting, easy, malleability of who we believe we are forged to be in situ.

A study, originally published in 2007, revealed that a region of the brain called the right temporoparietal junction (RTPJ) is highly active when individuals are faced with determining right from wrong.

In the new MIT study, researchers were able to disrupt that activity, using a magnetic field applied to the scalp.

The results showed that the subjects’ ability to make moral judgments was impaired.

How quickly will every soldier in the military have magnets embedded in their helmets to “help them cope” with the bloody business of doing the shooting duty of a vested national interest in a foreign land?

If we reverse the polarity of the magnets, can we press a stronger morality into our core instead of blockading the moral impulse?  Will those in prison and those on parole be required by law to have their “morality adjusted” with a few magnets fitted into a knit cap specifically tuned to influencing their disrupted minds?

Will our morally coded babies be sought out early in the days of their lives for “morality programming” with magnets?  Or will an immoral infant be considered a preexisting condition and not be covered for conversion by insurance?  Perhaps the military can intervene and reprogram future soldiers in the crib while constructing all others to numbly follow down the blissless path of irony and destruction.


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