The most powerful person in Alaska is no longer Sarah Palin.  The most powerful person in Alaska is Sarah’s teenage daughter, and unwed mother, Bristol.  Bristol knows her mother’s secrets.  Bristol Palin is the Keeper of the Lies even as her mother starts her presidential bid for 2012.

Barack Obama hasn’t been president for a week and Sarah Palin is already registered with the FEC to wage her cultural war against him in 2012.  Does Palin sense a clock ticking?  Or is that a Timebomb waiting to explode the truth all over Wasilla?

Sarah Palin’s biggest, most pressing, and pending problem, is growing larger with each passing day, because the proof that Down Syndrome baby Trig was born of her womb and not her daughter Bristol’s was the live birth of Bristol’s new baby, Tripp — on or around December 27, 2008 — but where is the Tripp-y bouncing bundle of joy?

Where is Bristol?

We know if Tripp were alive and well — and actually born — Sarah Palin would have already wrapped him up as a Heart and stuck an arrow through him, Trig Style, and put him on her PAC Page for Valentine’s Day.  It seems Sarah Palin never met a baby she didn’t exploit for her greater political ends — and I believe that unfortunately also includes Bristol and the rest of the brood.

Bristol Palin now has powder keg power. 

If the young woman ever chose to speak the unvarnished truth about her mother, the entire state of Alaska would explode into Russia — and Sarah and her PAC would implode — as the likely avalanche of white lies, purposeful deceptions and outright fraud came tumbling down in the public square.

Bristol Palin, Keeper of the Lies, is powerful and dangerous and, perhaps, in some danger — and so we all must hope she one day sees all the happiness the future divines for her — and we must help keep her safe and vibrant as the truth will one day set Bristol free as the Sarah Palin empire inevitably crumbles around her feet.


  1. It’s just the kind of secret that is impossible to keep in this age of digital photography and blogging and panopticonic life for those in the political sphere

  2. I agree, Gordon. You can take all the MySpace profiles offline — but there are caches and memories and lots of people that know the truth and are willing to sell those facts for the right price to change the letter of the “official” record.

  3. The power is in the lie, Anne. Sarah lives in fear of its revelation. The new power broker in the family is Bristol. She’s the center of the spokes now.

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