The Canny and the Dead Canary

We live in perilous times. Those sworn to protect us, betray us. Those set apart to foment dissent are too frightened to stand against the tide for fear of drowning; and so all the rest of us are left to perish, withering in the plains, dissolving along the plattes — but never resuscitating in the pinnacles — and so we are forever, longingly, tripping into the pits of the Uncanny Valley.

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Crying Rape with Makeup Bruises

Rape is a heinous, unspeakably morally evil crime for which there are no excuses — no matter what a person was wearing in the club when you met them or what you may have perceived as being signals. The moment that a person tells you that they are not interested in sex, it means that you are not to attempt to have sex with that person or it is by definition considered rape. As such, the accusation of rape is a strong one to make and there is unfortunately a long history of people fabricating rape and sexual assault that goes back even as far as the Bible — where a young Joseph, son of Jacob, is sexually tempted by the wife of the man who bought him as a slave repeatedly until she decides to take her revenge by accusing him of attempted rape. Given his stature he is not believed and put in prison.

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How a Lie Cuts

What happened to Shirley Sherrod is the most dangerous threat to American free thought and democracy — because facts are edited into lies and the deceiver plays the public, wounded, put-upon when exposed to the burning truth of their slicing falsehoods.

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Teaching the Native American Lie

I wasn’t too different than most children who grow up in the United States and take lessons in history — specifically, the history of the United States, and how it came to be. We learned about the pilgrims and the Native Americans, and how wonderfully everything went when the pilgrims settled the colonies in an effort to escape religious persecution. We learned about the first Thanksgiving meal and how the Pilgrims learned so much about growing new crops and making homes.

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Escape from Wikipedia Mountain

We loathe Wikipedia because it is so widely used by students and because it is so easily corrupted with purposeful lies and mistruths.  Wikipedia serves mass sycophancy — not secular scholarship — and that is its fatal flaw.

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Bristol Palin: Keeper of the Lies

The most powerful person in Alaska is no longer Sarah Palin.  The most powerful person in Alaska is Sarah’s teenage daughter, and unwed mother, Bristol.  Bristol knows her mother’s secrets.  Bristol Palin is the Keeper of the Lies even as her mother starts her presidential bid for 2012.

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How a Rumor Mill Grinds the Truth

How do Rumor Mills get started?  How does that vicious machine take the truth and re-grind it into false consumption by the masses?

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