Rape is a heinous, unspeakably morally evil crime for which there are no excuses — no matter what a person was wearing in the club when you met them or what you may have perceived as being signals. The moment that a person tells you that they are not interested in sex, it means that you are not to attempt to have sex with that person or it is by definition considered rape. As such, the accusation of rape is a strong one to make and there is unfortunately a long history of people fabricating rape and sexual assault that goes back even as far as the Bible — where a young Joseph, son of Jacob, is sexually tempted by the wife of the man who bought him as a slave repeatedly until she decides to take her revenge by accusing him of attempted rape. Given his stature he is not believed and put in prison.

As a contrast, for many years women had the short side of the stick when it came to claiming rape in court. They had no sort of way of proving that they had been forced into having sex and the medical technology behind today’s rape kits was years away. It almost always came down to the word of one person against the word of another. If it happened that there were witnesses to prove that a person was raped it was almost the entire hope that a rape survivor had of proving his or her case.

It is therefore deplorable to find that there are people who use rape accusation as a weapon against the people that wrong them. Warren Clark, formerly in the Royal Australian Navy, can certainly attest to that as he has lost nearly everything he has as a result of a rape accusation that was made against him — with the aid of makeup to make it look as though the person making the claim had suffered physical injuries in addition to being violated sexually.

It was soon discovered by the police that her story was a complete fabrication and that she had not been raped. Meanwhile, a person’s reputation has now been soiled — perhaps permanently — and a career in the Royal Navy destroyed because someone wanted to take their revenge on him for being scorned.

Another unfortunate victim of this crime is just about any other person who will want to step forward to bravely accuse someone of sexual assault or rape — as people will look back to this crime and wonder about the accuser if they are also perhaps making false accusations.


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