Bristol Palin: Keeper of the Lies

The most powerful person in Alaska is no longer Sarah Palin.  The most powerful person in Alaska is Sarah’s teenage daughter, and unwed mother, Bristol.  Bristol knows her mother’s secrets.  Bristol Palin is the Keeper of the Lies even as her mother starts her presidential bid for 2012.

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Palin Panopticonic

Sarah Palin and her Down Syndrome baby just won’t go away.  Did she really give birth to Trig or not is still deservedly getting lots of play on the internets.  Here’s the latest photograph of her “pregnant” with Trig at 32-33 months.

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Hose Hotrod’s Crunk Petrol

In the name of unity, and in the spirit of reconciliation as the realization Sarah Palin will soon be the new Vice President of these United States, let it be known today we have re-named this blog from — David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic — to “Hose Hotrod’s Crunk Petrol” thanks to the ingenious Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator.
With Palin giving her children ridiculous names born for the mocking — Trig, Willow, Piper, Track, Bristol — it was inevitable the rest of the free world would follow her example.  As you can see below — “Boles” — in Palin-Speak translates into “Hose Hotrod…”

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