In the name of unity, and in the spirit of reconciliation as the realization Sarah Palin will soon be the new Vice President of these United States, let it be known today we have re-named this blog from — David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic — to “Hose Hotrod’s Crunk Petrol” thanks to the ingenious Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator.
With Palin giving her children ridiculous names born for the mocking — Trig, Willow, Piper, Track, Bristol — it was inevitable the rest of the free world would follow her example.  As you can see below — “Boles” — in Palin-Speak translates into “Hose Hotrod…”

…and “Urb” translates into “Crunk Petrol.”

Now let’s “Palinize” some of our staff and friends.

Barack becomes aptly named: “Mangle Blue.”

Janna becomes “Ladel Torque.”

Gordon is now “Chalk Revelation.”

Does anyone sense a naming pattern here?  Am I alone in smelling trucks, guns, kitchen utensils, Bibles and hockey?

The lovely Anne probably fares the best in a Brave New Palinista World as she transforms into: “Krinkle Bearcat.”

We welcome you to Hose Hotrod’s Crunk Petrol and we look forward to serving you in “Palin’s America” err… I mean… in “Drown Wing’s Wood Corps.”


  1. Would it help the *war effort* if I gave her piles 😉 ????
    Sadly I think it will take more than a crop to take her to task as well …….. but that is a much more appropriate name.
    One thing is for sure – it is not roses you are smelling !

  2. Hi David!
    This is hilarious!!!
    “Clip Dragon”! My folks here will have a heart attack here!
    Never thought of it…really ingenious!!!
    On a serios note, you are right – it does smell Palin!

  3. Hi Bush Gator!
    Those names remind me of the names of characters from one of those soap operas… Thorne, Brooke, Ridge and so on!

  4. I appreciate the welcome, Bullet Bodycheck! Yes, these are silly Soap Opera names — but we’re back in the backwoods of Alaska now! Bring your blanket and your body bags.

  5. I make all of my revelations in chalk. Pay attention or they will be washed away with the rain! 🙂

  6. I love it that you’re willing to play along in the new Palin tundra, Gordon! We love ideas in chalk and we thrill on having them washed away. If, however, you draw an American flag in chalk, and if it happens to get washed away, we’ll prosecute you for desecrating the flag. Remember, you’re in the realm of the Unitary Vice President now and smile when you say that!

  7. I do have the prettiest name. I accept the “Krinkle Bearcat” nomination. Do I have to wear a flag pin, too?

  8. Gosh, Anne, we’re surprised you so quickly leapt on the Krinkle Bearcat bandwagon! My, aren’t you an easy vote to please! SMILE! Yes, flag pins, Obama Waffles and yellow ribbons are all part of your new “All Hail the Moose” outfit on the campaign trail.

  9. Never David!
    I don’t want my poor Grandpa’s soul to have a soul attack!
    It is him who named me…

  10. Asif will be known as “Copper Catfish” under the new Palin/McCain regime, Katha. Ha! I love his reaction to her because that’s precisely why she was picked, even though the mainstream American press won’t fully confess it: Beauty over brains; enchantment over engagement. The McCain campaign got precisely what it was owed: Oogling and discrimination.

  11. Both of them should brush their etiquette I guess David, they are in a very important political meet – come on!
    Are they out of their mind? The whole world is watching!

  12. Yes, that’s why it’s all so delicious, Katha! The real memes are being exposed, guttural behaviors are in evidence and the shim-sham is over! They don’t know how to act any better because it isn’t in them. Exposed. Over!

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