The only way to beat Barack Obama in the presidential election is to get personal and dirty and raise the matter of his skin color as a voting issue. Obama Waffles meets that gutter mandate of personal persecution for political gain — and you can see how Obama is no longer the cartoon monkey Curious George to conservative politicos — he’s now been re-drawn as the new cartoon relative of Black stereotype pancake queen: Aunt Jemima.

Oh, sure the people that created the “Obama Waffles” website will claim they’re just calling him on his “waffling” on the issues of the day — all the while invoking the same old Racist memes that were used to lynch Harold Ford, Jr. in the Tennessee senate race.

It isn’t enough to just make Barack the new Aunt Jemima — the Republicans also can’t survive a day without bringing up Barack’s non-Muslim religion by cartooning him in a headscarf:

Unfortunately, this sort of cruel and unnecessary memeing of a man is effective in the lower regions of the United States where fear and foreigners are loved and loathed.

Campaigns of mediocrity like Obama Waffles can never lift us to the greater heights of insight and revelation because they want us stuck in a rickety old past of “yassah” and “massah” because it keeps their lily White power intact and degrades the minority into the trash bin of a history from which they may never escape.

Vote your mind and not your fears. 

The USA was built on the back of foreigner labor.  When we disparage the new by harkening history, we are condemned to live in antiquity, and to never move forward into innovation and the warming evolutionary spark of human inspiration.


  1. David,
    It does seem like the Republicans are doing their best. And I suppose people who will be swayed by such tactics wouldn’t be voting for him in the first place.

  2. It’s great to have you with us here, Dananjay! That’s a good point that these racial memes only preach to the chorus by giving them the opportunity to be “swayed” by an outside appeal. I hope these sorts of campaigns push the undecided vote in Obama’s favor.

  3. You went right into the center of the matter, Dananjay. The intellectual middle must be as revolted as we are by these cartoon characterizations of Barack’s life work. I hope they take their outrage to the polling booth and vote for Obama to put an end to these sorts of racist attacks.

  4. Yes, David. But do you think there are enough of these people to really make a difference?

  5. I don’t think there are enough of them, Dananjay, and it’s looking like a McCain win in the Fall. The problem with liberals is they cannot believe anyone would believe the crud in sites like Obama Waffles. Hitler knew hatred triumphed over art and intellect and the Democrats have yet to figure out a way into the emotional gut of the ordinary, blue collar, voter. Until the Democrats win back those laborers they will not win another presidential election because the conservative base is much more energized and cemented by their hatred for change and foreigners.

  6. Makes me sick to my stomach. And I like waffles. I don’t know how this kind of hate doesn’t get someone arrested.

  7. When you know the history of cartoon Racism in the USA, you quickly recognize the memes that are at play in this sickening Waffles ploy. It’s just such a lowball and disgraceful road that honors nobody and taints the instigators.

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