O.J. Simpson is staying in prison for up to 15 years.  We can only hope, for the goodness of society that he rots in jail for a long time.

O.J. spoke at his sentencing:

I didn’t want to steal anything from anybody,” Simpson said,
adding that among the items he sought to recover were a wedding ring
for his daughter and family photos for his son.

“I just wanted
my personal things. I was stupid. I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was doing
anything illegal. I thought I was confronting friends. I thought I was
retrieving my things. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody and I didn’t mean
to steal anything,” Simpson said.

Simpson took no responsibility for his bad behavior and the judge rightly dismissed his excuses.

Justice was done today in Nevada and on some level, the Goldman and Brown families must finally be able to sing and dance a bit that their tormentor is finally getting his due.


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