There’s no place to hide on the water when you have eyes in the sky — and that includes the Somali pirates taking over oil tankers.

The U.N. is staring down on the Somali pirates from space. UNOSAT, the international body’s satellite analysis wing, has produced a pair of reports,
giving fresh views of the ships hijacked off the coast of east Africa,
detailing their captors’ activities — and even snooping on the
pirates’ home base.

Using images taken from the Quickbird commercial imaging satellite,
the group is plotting out exactly where ships are being captured, and
where they’re being held.

How fast will predator drones be flown in to fire lasers into the eyes of the pirates and disable them with blindness moments before they are all killed and the oil is made safe again?

Do pirates deserve international mercy or not?


  1. Wish they’d find a way to blow them all up. This isn’t a hundred years ago. Pirates stopped doing business for a reason. They got killed off.

  2. It’s great to have you with us on the new blogs, Anne! Welcome! I can sense your anger and I concur. Why go criminal? You know the pirate effort won’t last long. The good guys have bigger and better guns.

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