Jump Rope Review

I have rediscovered the cardio power of jumping rope over the last few months. Forget the treadmill. Forget the stationary bicycle. If you want to get the most pulmonary, and cardio, bang for your workout minute — pick up a rope and start jumping!

What you see below is my favorite — and most expensive, at $88 — jump rope. This beautiful Infinity Rope from Crossrope arrived with a set of weighted ropes, and the handles action is so smooth there’s no excuse not to jump rope ten times a day. Some “weighted ropes” only have heavy handles — you want a weighted rope where the weight is actually in the rope. Sure, you can get fancy, and do crossovers, and double-unders, and around-the-worlds, but just a simple, two-footed, single jump, per whip cycle, is plenty good enough to get your entire body moving — and heaving for air! Start slow. Build up your stamina over time, and you’ll be feeling stronger, and more powerful, before you know what whipped you. Your chest will also begin to get excellent definition that no other exercise scheme can carve so quickly, and so fluidly. Remember, you get what you pay for, and getting quality in your hands, and a weighted rope your heart, is worth more than the money you spend. This Infinity Rope is not adjustable. You order the right size for you, and it arrives pre-cut and measured. You want that. You want your rope to be three feet taller than you, so make sure you know your height.

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Two Preening Snow Princes: Ten Sentence Story #108

Mike and Chris were are two elected — but self-anointed princes — who thought peopled lived to serve them instead of the other way around.

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The Great Jersey City Whiteout: 23 Inches of Whoopass!

The weekend snowstorm that tackled us into Monday opened 23 inches of Whoopass here in Jersey City, and many pockets of humanity in and around the Tri-State area are still trying to dig out of the drifts.  We lost power several times Sunday and Monday and lots of neighborhood trees were tipped into felling by the heavy, wet, snow.  Streets are still unplowed.  Sidewalks are still impassable.  It’s a winter whiteout of neighborhood morality and city leadership.

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