Mike and Chris were are two elected — but self-anointed princes — who thought peopled lived to serve them instead of the other way around.

Then the snow came to fell them.

The two princes were revealed prancing around in their pedigrees.

Mike accused his citizens of not being tough enough while his world was plowed and pristine.

Chris hightailed it out of town on a winged craft before the blizzard blanketed his gardens — so he could “spend time with his kids” at Disney World — instead of rightly doing his job and helping an entire State through a declared emergency.

How do we bear these timid, brittle, little princes who claim to always know what’s right for us when they clearly have no grander view of the world and where they hope to lead us.

Anyone can run.

Everyone can hide.

Few can stand against the tide and pick up a shovel and start digging.

We deserve the best from those we elect; and when we get their cold shoulders in the midst of a whiteout nightmare, we slowly begin to reawaken into our conscious selves, and realize just how foolhardy we were for ever electing them in the first place.


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