Keeping Ahead with the Hemingway Technique

For the longest time, I had problems with writing. I would start writing and keep writing and writing until I absolutely could not think of anything else to write. The next day, I would sit down to write again and I still had nothing to write. I would just sit there staring at what I had already written and would have no clue how to continue.

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Writing When You Will Not

Early disclaimer: Take this all with just a grain of salt because what works for me might not work for you. I have just found these particular tips to work pretty well and get some writing actually done.  There have been many times in my life as a writer when I have sat down with the sincere intent to get some writing down and kept putting it off because it just didn’t seem to be coming to me, so to speak. I would go back and forth between the blank text file and everything in the world that was not related to writing – and hour after hour would pass with no result.

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Juicy Campus Goes Toes Up

We are thrilled to learn the awful Juicy Campus site is dead and gone.

In its short life, the site generated controversy (and garnered a lot of
media attention) over the content of student posts, which were often
over-the-top, anonymous, and malicious. Some universities blocked the
site from their networks due to concerns about student safety. The New
Jersey Attorney General investigated the site last year over concerns
about fraud. Even many students were repulsed by the site — the
student government at Pepperdine University in California requested
that the site be blocked, though the university had taken no action.
And now there is no need.

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How to Force Freedom of the Press Back into China

Yesterday our intrepid Gordon Davidescu sent me an email with a long link to a website that appeared to have “stolen” 100% of GO INSIDE Magazine content. Furious, I followed his link — it took forever to load — and saw all of our content loading into a completely new URL. It didn’t look like the content was copied or pulled into a Frame. Strange. The main domain index page was written entirely in Chinese. 

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